6 Natural Cures for Head Tension

6 Natural Cures for Head Tension

Natural head tension

Head Tension is debilitating. Many times vision is diminished. Then spotted dots begin.

Here are the common tips given:

    • Wear sunglasses in the car because the sunlight “flashes” through trees.
    • Don’t consume too much caffeine…or too little.
    • Take vision tests to rule out optic problems
    • Get a CT Scan to rule out strokes, tumors, etc…
    • Make sure there is no history of trauma to the head

A New Perspective

When facing pain, seek the advice of a holistic doctor…and begin to change your diet. That’s the part I want to share. As a Nutritioinal Therapy Practitioner, the foods we eat can really help support our bodies. Somehow we have forgotten this connection.

Food and Food Preparation

How you prepare foods can be critical in the ability to absorb their nutrients. Nourishing Traditions is a tremendous resource to truly prepare foods properly. Here is a quick read to get your family healthy in 6 steps.

An Indicator

However careful and clean, head tensions may still appear periodically based on many factors. It is an indicator; our body warning us. It is a warning that we have eaten something not beneficial or that we are in a toxic environment for too long.

Without further ado, here are some “tried and true” nutritional remedies for curing head tension! Please note instructions on each product for proper use and dose.

Our Successful Head Tension Remedy – and the Potential Causes

      1. Clean Fish Oil and FCTS – Inflammation decreases blood flow, as does atherosclerosis which affects 52% of us. This constricts your blood flow. Great Read to change the odds.
      2. Salt Lamp and/or some essential oils such as melaleuca, lemon, lime, cilantro and more Cleansing Blend combinations purify the air when allergens or toxins are in the environment. Please contact Fostering Nutrition if you want recommendations on blends and food grade oils that we use.
      3. Stinging Nettle tea and tincture is a great food source that relaxes the body from allergy issues
      4. When “die off” occurs too fast, you may need – Amino Acids which is also found in Meat Stock. We find that there are essential oils that are most helpful in boosting immune so that harmful bacteria can not thrive. Some essential oils are; lavender, lemon, clove, Roman Chamomile, Oregano, and Melaleuca.
        1. When detoxing, you rid your body of toxins which may include parasites. As parasites die, they “gas off” ammonia which can cause head tension. Amino Acids absorb the ammonia and nutritionally support your body.¹
      5. The best help is Diet; and everyone thinks they eat healthy. Rethink this; I thought I was healthy too. However, after my son was born with complications see here, I began to question healthy and found that foods of my grandmother were properly prepared and didn’t have the toxins we have today (GMO, pesticides). When we fostered our first son and found cancer, I questioned “healthy” even more and began real food coursework on traditional nutrition and Applied Kinesiology. Here is the Book we wrote to encourage those fighting cancer!
      6. Drink plenty of good, clean water. We use this.
      7. Incorporate organic Chicken broth and Cabbage broth to begin a faster healing.
      8. GAPS Diet, developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, a neurologist and nutritionist, is an incredible resource. We lived this diet for a year and will always be on a modified version because of the indications our children face. I find most people have a hard time getting started, but this course is a great way to have a guided tour and find amazing success. The class is a webinar and workshop with a certified GAPS instructor that will work with you personally.
      9. Sleep – sounds simple but true. Your body needs rest. Optimally 7-8 hours every night. It is recorded that Einstein got 3-5 hours every night, but most of us are not wired like him {smile} Try supplementing with Magnesium to drink before bed and rubbing lavender oil on your feet.

[Please note Disclaimer at the bottom of the page]

Hope you have success getting rid of your head tension. Remember, headaches are not the enemy. It is a symptom and a mechanism for our body to communicate something is wrong. By identifying and using the above techniques, your body can be strengthened.

Whether we learn that a certain food is harmful to our body or that we are in a toxic area, listen to your body. Fortunately, there are many ways to support our bodies.

Keep Fostering Nutrition and stay healthy out there!

1. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012, Issue 10. Art. No.: CD009088. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009088.pub2. 1. Source Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012, Issue 10. Art. No.: CD009088. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009088.pub2.

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6 thoughts on “6 Natural Cures for Head Tension

  1. I had migraines as a child as well. I remember the “tunnel vision” — it was like suddenly everything was seen through a loooong lens, small and far away. The pain was intense! Now I get “hangover” headaches. I don’t drink but if I eat too much high glycemic food at night before bed, I wake up with a hangover headache.

    Sometimes I eat those foods anyway knowing I’ll pay the consequence… do you have an EO to fix “stubborn”? 🙂

  2. […] Did you know that even headaches can be a sign of parasites? Read why here in #4. […]

  3. Could you please explain in more detail how you use the stinging nettle, the amino acids, and the salt lamp and essential oils to cure headaches? I take Green Pastures FCLO daily, have an air purifier (sounds like the salt crystal), try to follow WAPF diet (loosely I should say), and have tried using peppermint, lavender, and Pan Away (Young Living) for heaches and still struggle with them probably once every 2-3 weeks. Often they get so bad the only thing i can do to relieve them and function again is take an Aleve and stick ice on my head. So I have been desperately searching for some other cures/preventions. More detail would be great!

    1. It stinks doesn’t it Charis! Headaches are so awful. My response got too long, so I’ll write a follow up article. It’s an effort to clean up a diet, but well worth it when you get headaches down to a minimal amount! Now a headache becomes an indicator for something missing. It tells me I need sleep or sometimes a headache is warning you of a toxic environment. See if you have a Nutrition Response Tester (muscle tester) nearby. Many times they are chiropractors. Keep in touch, I’ll post more details so you can hopefully get rid of them (for the most part) like I did.

  4. Yes, I’d appreciate more detail! Just signed up so I can get future posts and updates.

    1. Thanks, Beth.

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