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Welcome to Real Food Recovery, a positive site about changing the future for orphans with; hope, natural remedies and good food. Hopefully, a replicable program is contagious in order to optimize health along with your health practitioner!

At age 12, Mandy wanted to adopt a child. Learning that there were over 400,000 children
in Foster Care was unthinkable! The dream developed deeper with the knowledge that these children were very sick.

Real Food Recovery emerges out of the loss of a child Jim and Mandy foster and love dearly along with their birth children. A pattern reveals itself with each child coming into the Blume home. Each child became stronger, despite the indications. The Blumes were given children with; cancer, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, severe allergies, gum disease, and more. Observing improvement in each child, the Blumes realized the importance of; love, boundaries, and good food.

Unfortunately, when the children would leave, the health would decline. This seemed too obvious to overlook. The Blumes would sign as beneficiaries to the children through relationships with the birth parents. Consequently, they become the backup plan for these children.


As they renovate homes, hotels, restaurants and more to make them more beautiful,  the parallel to the great importance of renovating our bodies became undeniable. Renovating buildings requires good materials. Similarly, renovating bodies also requires good ingredients. Choosing local, real food, and the least processed food improves the fun of life. Because of this, Real Food Recovery is born. It is the non-profit and passionate arm of our business company, BLUMESTONE.
About hope and good food

Currently, Mandy, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, has partnered with a local orphanage/ Foster Group Home. By creating a less processed menu, the hope is to inspire other institutions to follow. Creating this more vibrant menu with a Registered Dietician’s review, great changes are happening for these orphaned/ fostered children. Mandy holds weekly classes with the kids which introduces new tastes and nutrients for the next week’s meals. Enlisting the Cook, the Managers, and the Staff to join our efforts, It’s been exhilarating. Now the growth and empowerment that comes with using the right “materials” for growth!

Actively, enlisting the Cook, the Managers, and the Staff to join our efforts is working. Truly, the documented evidence is showing better behavior, healthier growth, better grades, and empowerment as consequences from using the right “materials” for growth!

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– Mandy, B.Sc., NTP, NRT, author, wife and Mommy. Renovating Homes and renovating bodies.

3 thoughts on “About Mandy and the Renovation Movement!

  1. I am a school counselor at a small but vibrant school with high poverty and many of my parents do not speak English. We have a healthy garden at our school where professional gardeners come to our school and teach our students how to garden and our children do the gardening. It began as a means to feed our students healthy food – the children have always been allowed to pick and take home what they and their families will eat. Now it has become so successful that not only are we feeding our students and their families, but our students are also selling their fresh produce to local restaurants :0)We have a bank at our school, so they are learning how to bank from real bankers and are saving the proceeds from the garden for their college education. You should consider working with schools to spread your healthy living to as many children as possible.

  2. That is the coolest thing I have heard! Yes, we should get involved with schools! You guys rock and all the schools should follow your lead!

  3. 10/10/16
    Mandy Blume,
    We noticed that you will be speaking at the WAP Conference in November. We have an online course that helps families transition from Fake Foods (Processed) to real foods. My wife has been a chapter leader for WAP for over 16 years and spoke at the last conference. We are writing to determine if there is any chance of coordinating an interview with you while you are there for the purpose of introducing you to our members. We would be happy to promote your book to them as well. If this is something you may consider, please contact me at Bud@Foodwifery.Com. For purposes of vetting, our website at Foodwifery.Com and Sally Fallon has provided help in promoting us and knows my wife Laurie.
    Thanks you for your consideration,


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