If the Agriculture Dept and Environmental Dept worked together; We wouldn’t Be In this Mess!!!

If the Agriculture Dept and Environmental Dept worked together; We wouldn't Be In this Mess!!!A really long title, right?! Well, we have friends in farming and it just so happens that to get their purchased land consolidated to one parcel, the EPA (called Environmental Protection Division at the State level) must evaluate the land. It is determined that a third of the property is now wetlands because all the trees have been cut, so the farming dream seems a little further away…

It seems like a puzzle but I just put it together and Ag fits perfectly with EPD!

But wait! If you get the Agricultural Classification, you can work the land and put animals on the land. Hence my idea and realization! It’s truly brilliant if balance obtained by merging these two objectives in our government.

Agriculture Department

To get the Agricultural Classification you have to meet “feed lot” standards. Where the local farmers know that the average is 1 cow per 4 acres, the agricultural classification states that you must have 1 cow per acre OR 25 goats per acre. So not quite “feed lot” level, but certainly a quota that requires supplemental feed.

Here’s the kicker! If you choose to do a poly-culture farm, it must be subjected to review by the Department of Agriculture and their opinion, which depends on who evaluates your land. Case-by-Case is always subjective.

Environmental Protection Division

If the Environmental Division is involved, the land would be minimally touched and kept at its current state to evolve as the land wants to be. (O.K., that sounds strange but the current terminology is permaculture).

So as I witness these events, I realize how our dilemma of modified foods would be solved if these departments became one.

Stay with me!

There would be true tumult in the beginning for sure. The two departments would be at ends with each other, but we would all benefit.  It could be the Environment and Agriculture Department. The picture should be forming for you as it is for me.

Environment– We would appreciate the animals and the way they function. Feed lots would not be allowed by current Agriculture structure; only pastured animals with land to roam. Agriculture- We would appreciate the farmer and the affordability of allowing the animals to work in a symbiotic arrangement. There would not be any filibusters to prevent growth from current EPD structure. 

For instance, Joel Salatin is a 2nd generational farmer and he is touted for his “alternate ” farming methods because his father envisioned how the whole corporate-machine-operated farms laden-with-chemicals-to-enhance-growth era coming. That era is here, and now it is considered “alternate farming” to respect the needs of the animal and land in tandem with the needs of man. Wikipedia states,

 “…pastured-poultry, grass-fed beef and the rotation method which makes [Joel Salatin’s] farm more like an ecological system than conventional farming.”

Shouldn’t all farms be an ecological system? Pleasing in smell and visuals? So for my friend, it is communicated as unusual to have goats to eat shrubs and grass, followed by a few cows, followed by a few chickens to spread manure and fertilize. Environmental Department sees this as a more ecological system.  Whereas todays Agricultural methods of cramming  one kind of animal into one farm (building) is considered mainstream.  Farming has literally flip-flopped in 50 years. Am I missing something here?

So let’s go back. Let’s be conscious of the environment, animals, and the farmers. Let there be Environmentally friendly Agricultural Classifications for pastured animals as well as the farmers. Our food would be better and the animals treated more respectfully.

Again, as I continually post,  let people have choices. For farming, for medical treatment, and food consumption (honest disclosure on packaged goods). Want to get involved? Look at this site to sign petitions. Want to live healthy? Look at this MarketPlace.

Hoping to make a difference! Please comment if you can add more sense to what I am seeing here!

If the Agriculture Dept and Environmental Dept worked together; We wouldn't Be In this Mess!!!


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