Gas? Why we soak

Stop the Gas; Prepare Your Beans

Eliminating Gas is Why We Soak Our Beans Recipes for Soaked and Prepared Garbanzo Beans (AKA Chick Peas) and Hummus is included to help you avoid gas!   Raised in the south, there are certain things a girl just doesn’t do. Gas is certainly one of them! The others, well, some I’ve embraced and some […]

Get a real food recovery cookbook to heal and help orphans

Donate to Heal You and Orphans; Real Food Recovery Cookbook

Donate to Heal and Help Orphans Donate dear for Monday, Tuesday ONLY! November 27 and 28, 2017.   Today I’m feeling a little crazy and philanthropic! If you would like to have a simple, encouraging book/ cookbook with 92 #GFCF recipes, here are the ripple effects noted below when you donate. Real Food Recovery Provides […]


Beer Talk; Is it healthy or just a bar drink?

Is Beer Healthy? Fermented beer sounds healthy. When I ask a few questions and tour a few places to understand it better, it’s the same as our food sources.  Some are careful to use the cleanest barley and hops, while some just ferment. I’ve been around the block a few times. The challenge is that […]

Minerals are Salt in the Hands

How Salt Offers Real Minerals

Salt Minerals We Love When we decided to have children 18 years ago, it just happened. My husband and I love; being parents, making crazy fun, exploring, and keeping our family healthy and happy. When the children get sick, it inspires us to do better. Therefore, we are always learning new and fun ways to stay […]

Real Food Recovery Cookbook sketch

A Powerful Cookbook; Recover Orphans and You!

Cookbook With a Purpose As I sit here concerned for the 80 foster/ orphan children during this hurricane, I want to share my cookbook which is a  cool way you can support my efforts to create a model to change their fate and yours! ❤️ There are a lot of cookbooks out there that are […]

Onion soup

Onion Soup is a Way to Calm the Family

Onion Soup Calms Our Family When it’s been a crazy day and everyone is wound up, my “go-to” recipe is onion soup. Nothing works for everyone, but this is a great, easy recipe that works for our family. When you have four children and a busy lifestyle (which pretty much sums up most of us!), […]

Empower - Don't Give Up

5 Ways to Fight; Instead of Giving Up!

Fight for Love As I get older, life takes on new perspectives and a common theme to fight.  Notice how the Banyan tree (photo below) digs in deeper and establishes many roots into the Foundation, while the Pheonix rises from the ashes- so must we. After all the life that’s happened with our family, I […]


Let’s Make a Flavored Mayo

May I Have Some Mayo, Please?! Mayonnaise, or mayo, is a beloved condiment worldwide. Some of my children are known to eat it by the spoonfuls (which seriously tests my gag reflexes)! However, the ingredients are disappointing.1   The challenge came years ago to make a healthy version and fortunately mayonnaise is very simple to […]