Cashew Nut Protein Snack

Cashew Nut Protein Snack

As a parent in today’s world, keeping our kids happy and healthy is an intentional effort. It’s really not easy with sugary treats given away at most venues with ingredients hard-to-pronounce. My goal for my family’s health is to try all foods in a less-processed format that is prepared without toxins. These varieties of foods in season will ensure a corresponding variety of nutrients. But not every recipe turns out like I hope. Therefore, when I make a recipe everyone loves it; we know it’s a treat worth sharing.

Here is our Salted Maple Cashew Nut Protein Snack! Super simple and tastes amazing.

Crisp Salted, Maple Syrup Cashew Nut Snack

Every week we share Saturday together and work hard to keep out all of the media. We read, talk, and eat together. It’s a day we look forward to for true rest, good company and I try to prepare a little something special so the kids will look forward to this time as well.

The challenge is to find a new treat that is healthy and this week’s cashew nut snack is chock full of protein, sweet and savory. Additionally, the minerals of our golden salt (92 trace minerals! sold through our local buying club) balances the sweet and salty flavors very well.

Crisping the flavored Cashew Nut Protein Snacks

Flavoring the Cashew Nuts

Soaked Cashew Nut Protein Snacks

Crisping the Cashew Nuts

This dish ends in a spectacular firework of wonder among the tastebuds. Well, maybe that’s a little much, but our family did wipe this cashew treat out in 15 minutes. Watching their faces smile, compliments abound and that bit of peace where everyone is speaking nicely; this is priceless family time. The moment lingers with the flavor. My kiddos are getting older and very soon will begin dual enrollment in a local college, so I feel all the more need to build fun moments and create delicious snacks that feed the senses a positive note and edifies the body.

Since I didn’t measure, I’ll give instructions the way it happened.

Cashew Nut Protein Snack


  • Bag of raw cashews
  • Maple syrup
  • Golden Salt (or your favorite mineral salt)


  1. Place raw cashew nuts in a bowl.
  2. Sprinkle 1 Tbsp of salt over nuts.
  3. Pour warm, filtered water over nuts to cover.
  4. Let sit on kitchen counter for 2 hours.
  5. Rinse nuts.
  6. Add a small amount of maple syrup and a sprinkle of mineral salt.
  7. Spread nuts across a cookie sheet.
  8. Slide onto the oven shelf at the lowest setting.
  9. (My oven is 170ºF, with a spoon propped in door for circulation.)
  10. Crisp for 3-4 hours or until desired crunch.
  11. Eat like popcorn!

Let me know what you think! The soaking removes phytates, but it removes the bitter taste in nuts which truly amplifies the yum!


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