Come Together for Childhood Cancer

Come Together for Childhood Cancer and create a Movement!

Come together for cancer


Let’s come together and utilize the food we have around us. There are Mom’s and Dad’s all over the place, in every company. We must come together to re-evaluate the health of our children. This is really a big deal. When we kept dealing with child sickness; cancer, autism, ADD…it became apparent that this wasn’t just us, or just the Foster Children, this is an issue for all of us!

The Problem

I love many alternatives mixed with good allopathic approaches. We had to battle for life. We had to battle for choices.

We have a real need to review all the options available. There are many successful treatments, even the effective, inexpensive, natural treatments that should be taught within our medical school curriculum. Then we will have more choices presented in our oncologist practices today.

Here’s the outlay:

In 2012 the expectation: total of 1,638,910 new cancer cases and 577,190 deaths from cancer are projected to occur in the United States. This is huge folks. This expectation has happened and continues to grow. Additionally, there has been no change to any of the medications since the 1950’s according to research.

Source: CA Cancer J Clin. 2012 Jan-Feb;62(1):10-29. doi: 10.3322/caac.20138. Epub 2012 Jan 4. Cancer statistics, 2012. Siegel R1, Naishadham DJemal A.

We saw amazing results with our treatment between Dak’s chemo rounds. We were lauded by his Doctors and nurses at his improvement. They wanted to know what we did.

It’s a simple approach. We eat real food.

A Better World

Obviously not having cancer is the best. But I feel like we somehow must have to make some choices and work through this era of our world where too many are facing a cancer diagnosis. One terrific improvement would be your doctor stating, “Unfortunately, we have found cancer. The statistics are… Furthermore, we know these side effects. There are many options for treatment: diet of real food, natural food supplements, pharmaceuticals, oils, or homeopaths. Which would you prefer?” Actually, these health practitioners do exist in Europe and in holistic medical groups.

This practice of natural options merged with modern treatments is similar to some practices in both the United States and Europe. Full disclosure and choices are presented with risks and potential side effects for all options. This is transparency.

In our fight agains cancer, we had to contend with fostering and cancer. It was certainly difficult! But there is silver lining and motions in place that we could not deny the Lord’s hand upon us, so we wrote an encouraging  book of hope and inspiration! or on Kindle.

We genuinely need to come together for cancer and eat real food. We need to come togherther and respect the choice and risks involved for each family.

My Answer and Hope

Instead of debating, it is important that we discuss some viable options for cancer treatment. Coming together for cancer means that we are constantly learning of more treatments, but here are a few cancer treatments that everyone should know!

We all must get educated and empowered.

Knowledge + Application = Success

That is what every pink and purple ribbon should say. Putting pink ribbons is great for building awareness; but please don’t put pink sugar icing on processed cupcakes filled with sugar…that is not empowering anyone!

Consider a Donation to this amazing project-Documenting Hope! It is a documentary film, treating all sorts of chronic illnesses in children through a top notch medical team.

Knowledge is eating food the way it is created. Minimally sprayed with pesticides that are laden with metals and chemicals! Nutrition is critical in recovery. Here is a general diet recovery guide. When acute issues arise, like cancer, take extreme measures but not by just accepting the “widely-accepted” approach. Find the best approach for your situation. Get lots of opinions.

We can win this if we come together and join forces!

If you have positive ideas to help our children, please join the discussions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And please leave a comment where others can learn too.

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Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal Real Food Recovery. Since losing a 4 yr old to cancer while fostering to adopt, Mandy founded a nonprofit organization recovering children at-risk using real food, real discussion, and encouragement. As a Wife, Mom of birth, foster, and adopted children, author, Nutritional Therapist, & NRT, Mandy shares simple food tips while volunteering in a local Orphanage to create a model for change. Connect with Mandy through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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