Donate to Heal You and Orphans; Real Food Recovery Cookbook

Donate to Heal and Help Orphans

Donate dear for Monday, Tuesday ONLY! November 27 and 28, 2017.  
Today I’m feeling a little crazy and philanthropic! If you would like to have a simple, encouraging book/ cookbook with 92 #GFCF recipes, here are the ripple effects noted below when you donate.

Real food recovery cookbook to heal and Donate for orphansReal Food Recovery Provides Healing to You and Orphans

Fortunately, there are some real benefits:
  • Recipes are like Rachel Ray and healthy! Under 30 minutes prep time,
  • Healing consequences,
  • Tremendous encouragement because I needed it when recovering our kids and foster kids,
  • Foreword and endorsements by Amazing pioneers:
    • MIT Researcher, Stephanie Seneff,
    • Holistic MD, Maya Shetreat-Klein,
    • Equipper and film documenter, Beth Lambert with Documenting Hope,
    • Nanny V. my Licensing Agent,
    • my son Ian,
    • A skin nurse, Shannon M., and mom to 3 boys on Shark Tank’s, Nardo’s Natural,
    • Super mover, Louise Kuo Habakuse with Fearless Parent,
    • Ancestry food giant, Sally Fallon with Weston A. Price Foundation,
    • Published by an amazing team at Archangel Ink, with
  • Grounded medical studies on why you should eat each recipe, AND
  • You get to Donate 100% to orphans I work with through classes, meals, and menu changes!

It’s Cyber Monday Meets Giving Tuesday!

1. Personal Orders: Order through my link below and I will sign, bless, & mail a copy(ies) of my -Best Seller in Children’s health- “Real Food Recovery” for $20 incl. shipping! (Savings up to $9!!
2. For Practitioners, MDs, DOs, DCs:  Wholesale Deal for client Re-sell/ gift.  1 box of 24 books for $360 shipping incl. in the contiguous US (Books retails $25!!)
Easily click the link and include your mailing address in the comments or email me at [realfoodrecovery at gmail dot com] (this written format keeps robots out, so please send email semantics as usual)  Additionally, please include your billing name and address for mailing.  
Subsequently, this is my nonprofit account that allows me to provide food and healthy experiences for a lot of orphans, therefore, you may also simply donate money and take the charitable tax deduction!
Much love to you all! Let the healing begin in a simple, real way, through our kitchens.
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Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal Real Food Recovery. Since losing a 4 yr old to cancer while fostering to adopt, Mandy founded a nonprofit organization recovering children at-risk using real food, real discussion, and encouragement. As a Wife, Mom of birth, foster, and adopted children, author, Nutritional Therapist, & NRT, Mandy shares simple food tips while volunteering in a local Orphanage to create a model for change. Connect with Mandy through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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