Fostering Oils

Oils- A Viable Addition to Any Home

We want to encourage essential oils as a part of the holistic approach to good health. With a good diet, essential oils can support immune systems and help you find better health from a nutritional perspective. Please contact us at for more information.

Fostering Oils

Whether we rub them on our feet, clean our home, or enjoy the delicious aroma in the air; email us for a terrific approach in maintaining a healthy life.

We look forward to talking with you about how to include these oils into your daily routine.

13 thoughts on “Fostering Oils

  1. This looks really well thought out. Could you add me to your facebook group?

    1. You are added!

  2. Hello, I would love to know what essential oils you put in your toothpaste. Thanks!

    1. We change it up. Cinnamon and clove are favorites because it supports digestion and gums repair. (Please email for more specifics). Peppermint is another favorite because it makes your breath smell fresh and clean.

  3. What are the the essential oil you use in your tooth paste? Thank you

  4. How can I find and be added to your FB group?

    1. Here you go, Tammy! I’d love fun, kind people on this adventure!

  5. Am interested in the oils you use in your toothpaste recipes.

    Thank you!
    Sharon Wand

    1. Here it is! I’d love some great people on my team! Fostering Nutrition with Oils

  6. Mandy can you please send me the complete list of oils you use for your gums/teeth toothpaste?

    1. I like Onguard (cinnamon, clove…), peppermint. We alternate and have used lemon.

  7. I am curious as to which EOs you used in your toothpaste. I have some extremely sensitive gums and teeth. I know clove is a great EO for that. Anything more specific for sensitive teeth/gums you may have in mind, I’d love to learn about. Thank you so much!

    1. I would just reduce the amount of oil used and work up and you become less sensitive. Of course I’d be happy to have you join our team because I send a tremendous book out to those who sign up as business starters or the main site offers a ton of information that empowers you. But I’m more a remedy gal and not a business gal. And I hate people sending me requests all the time so I’m super low key!

      Just the sheer convenience of it is nice and there is no obligation ever to order, unless you want to make a business out of it. That requires only $100 a month (plus you get oils in exchange) which I found to be super cool for me. Here is my link if interested, my link is posted on my FB page, otherwise just find a clean, food grade oil for the noted for oral support and enjoy!

      Mandy, B.Sc., NTP, NRT
      Real Food
      Fostering Nutrition

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