How to Prevent and Stop an Ear Infection

Want to know how to Stop an Ear Infection? Better yet, you can even prevent it!

When I was a baby, my sister and I would get horrible ear infections. Whether we were out on the boat, in the bath tub, or a swimming pool, ear infections were a plague. Ear infections were so bad that my father refused to have any more children because he couldn’t handle us being sick!

How to Prevent & Stop an Ear InfectionGuess his heart for not wanting people to be sick, is genetically transplanted into my heart! See here.

There were many years that we visited an ENT doctor. Finally, one day my Dad got tired of it. He took us to a nearby University hospital and found the head professor/practitioner. After Dad explained our issue and the years of problems and costs, this ENT doctor gave us some real, practical help and we never had to go to the doctor for ear infections again!

So from my childhood doctor to you, here is an amazing remedy for Swimmer’s Ear and an itchy ear. I won’t say you and your children will never have to go to the ENT doctor, but it changed our family from that moment forward.

Now as a Mom, I am so thankful that my children have NOT had ear tubes or infections that required antibiotics and this is what we do {almost} every time we swim and when someone has an “itchy” ear. We have one medical doc friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) who is adamant that ear infections will never be cured by antibiotics.

When there is an infection, this remedy usually clears it up within a day or two.


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Once water settles in beyond the Tympanic Membrane {we call ear drum} all kinds of havoc can occur. The Eustacian Tube is how the ENT {Ear, Nose, & Throat} are interconnected.


Hydrogen Peroxide may not be a necessary step, but note that this alone is a good practice if there is no water in your ear, but it itches.

When there is too much wax in the ear {which is a symptom} many times a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide can be placed in the ear. Let it bubble for a minute then roll over and repeat in the other ear. One ear always seems to “bubble” more. Many say that indicates the infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide is great because it kills many pathogens, and it helps to activate a “release” of excess wax. This also allows the next remedy to gain easier access through the ear canal and Tympanic Cavity.

After Water Exposure to Ears

Get a Dropper Bottle {like this} or re-use one. We have found glass holds the integrity of the product much longer than plastic.


1/3 Part Rubbing Alcohol

2/3 Part Vinegar (regular white distilled vinegar)


Using a funnel, pour these 2 ingredients together in a glass dropper bottle (wash and recycle). Once we recycled a plastic eye dropper container and within two months the dropper was gooey and there was no potency left.


Take 2-4 drops of your new ear drops and lie on your side. Have the children all lie on their sides with a tissue in hand. Place the drops into the ears for 30 seconds – 1 minute. Roll-over and repeat. If there is an infection the “degree of sting” will vary. This is why we find it critical to do this on a more regular basis. Prevention is so much better! Also, putting in a few drops of garlic-mullein oil afterward will reduce pain and soothe.

We find it useful to rub tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil on the skin in and around the ear.  If interested check out our source.

Another cheap way to prevent sickness is to drink plenty of clean water and eat healthy.

Hope this blesses your family too! Keep Fostering Nutrition…because everyone deserves to Be Healthy and Belong!

How to Stop & Prevent an Ear Infection


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  1. hey manda wish I’d known this before. Samuel gotta earache just yesterday. We use olive oil and a couple drops of tea tree and in his ear, but I would have loved a preventive to do for weekly maintenance.

    1. Sounds like you did the right thing! We certainly appreciate the preventative though. Hope he’s all better.

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