Immune Challenge Remedies with Oils

Immune Challenge Remedies with Oils

There is NO neutral in life!!!

immune challenges

Either “it” is good for you or not so good for you. Each of us takes in the environment around us and we consume food. Either it is beneficial or it is harmful. The challenge is is knowing which medium you are engaged.

1.  Why does 1 in every 2 children have a chronic illness?

2.  Why are there so many 60+ year olds in assisted living homes pitter/pattering away?… when these folks should be the sages engaged with us and teaching us their wisdoms.

With the current statistics of health indications we are facing, it is rather obvious that our environment has many challenges!

We have seen improvements in so many children just by changing their diet to include mostly real food. We find that periodically we just need a jumpstart. We need a little immune support. With many holistic thinkers and practitioners today, the concentrated nutrients of food supplements is critical. However, there is another mode that warrants consideration due to its concentrated levels of nutrients.

Essential Oils

After years of dealing with 4 Common Immune Challenges in cycles, essential oils are a great addition that will help support the body through the seasons. These are plants, trees, or fruits that are harvested and distilled for oil extraction. It can be applied topically with a diluted “carrier” oil.

The following is a Cheat Sheet that is meant as a guide. Remember these are concentrated, so just a few drops will suffice. Essential oils are concentrated and very effective in small doses. For caution, you can dilute 1 drop in 1/4 tsp of a Carrier Oil, like this one.

Here are the 4 Immune Challenges with the Essential Oil Support:


are addressed with

A digestive blend to stimulate the immune system  



is addressed with




is addressed with

Protective Blends


Anti-fungal/ Yeast/ Candida

are addressed with

Melaleuca/ Tea Tree

Of course, essential oils overlap in their healing properties, but this is the simple success we have found that supports most people. Please contact Fostering Nutrition for more details if you are interested in what we use and sell.

3 Ways to apply Essential Oils:

Internally -a drop or two in a capsule OR in a glass [only if food grade]

Aromatically – smell from bottle or diffuse

Topically – apply to area of pain (directly as a drop or with a carrier oil)

*oregano is a “hot” essential oil, so always use it with a carrier oil

Each one of these immune challenges can be detrimental to a body. In bits, our clean diets will flush out an immune challenge through a natural and regular detox. However,  when complex or too much of an immune challenge attacks the body, bad things can happen even when you eat healthy. As always, please find a holistic doctor for serious issues.

As you find success, don’t forget drainage! Here is my guest post on the huge importance of Drainage!

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, it is paramount that we identify the value of the food we eat. All health begins through nutrition.

Happy healing and may you continue Fostering Nutrition for yourself and those you love!

 Immune Challenge remedies

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