In the Beginning…

In the Beginning

At 12 years old I decide I want to adopt.  Not sure the origin, it just existed.  The desire did not fade, so in college I am privileged to donate some time in orphanages/children’s homes.  And when a wonderful man proposes to me , he has to promise that we will adopt children who do not have a family.  His promise holds true and after we birth three children, we endeavor to adopt.

My husband and I sit in a simple office with a very sweet girl who asks us what “kind” of child we want.  I give my preference because of an experience in college and she proceeds to tell me that; “a black child is $8,000, a mixed child is $11,000, and a white child is $14,000.”

I am appalled and lose my ability to guard my mouth from speaking my thoughts; I said, “As if one shoe is better than the other” while tears begin to well up in my eyes!”

“Oh, no”, the agency employee gently responds, “It’s just supply and demand”.  I look at my soulmate without any more words.  We leave the office, with my “tough” man a little shaken as well.  We tell them we will think about it, but this does not feel right.

Thus begins our journey to just –take what God gives us.  After many visits to pregnancy homes, religious establishments, etc… we talk to many friends and family who offer suggestions.  The Result is we decide to Foster.  Wow!  What an adventure this begins.

Now I am ready to share this journey of 7 children we try to adopt and the most incredible, life-changing results.  With this new found resolve to improve the fostering system and health opportunities for these children, I hope to inspire everyone to “break the cycle of destruction” for all children and parents.

Today we remain a family that loves children and cherishes eating whole foods grown in healthy soil.  We ascribe to the philosophy of  “Pay now or pay later”…we choose to make the effort now and reduce/avoid the costs of bad health and hospital care later.

We are constantly growing as human beings. Blume means to flower, to grow, to blossom.  So make your life strong and purposeful. Never stop growing!


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Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal Real Food Recovery. Since losing a 4 yr old to cancer while fostering to adopt, Mandy founded a nonprofit organization recovering children at-risk using real food, real discussion, and encouragement. As a Wife, Mom of birth, foster, and adopted children, author, Nutritional Therapist, & NRT, Mandy shares simple food tips while volunteering in a local Orphanage to create a model for change. Connect with Mandy through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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