A Little Wine is Good for the Stomach?


All the time I get the questions… Is wine good for you? Doesn’t it have sulfur? Too many sulfites? Organic tastes horrible!

My nutritional recommendation on best ways to drink follow after the Masters – and they differ from most of the holistic world; but there should always be room for other educated opinions…


Honestly, it has always been strange that this is such a controversial subject. As with all things, too much is NOT good (exception: persimmons, God’s greatest fruit). But wine, as far as I can tell from my studies and experience…

A Little Wine is Good for the Stomach!

There will be nay sayers of course. There are allergies. There will be addictions and side effects. Please note that people are also addicted to sugar and bad food which causes disease and kills. So everything in this article is for moderation and those without sulfur allergies.

Sulfur serves a purpose as an essential macro-mineral. Think, penicillin is derived from this element. One reason for sulphur is to kill Lactic acid bacteria.

Although Lactic acid bacteria is a great bacteria for sauerkraut, it is not good for wine. When it overtakes, or rather metabolizes in a wine, it becomes very vinegar-y. Therefore a reduced sulfite is optimal but you will not be able to drink it a couple of days after opening. Two days after opening is about the same as drinking Apple Cider Vinegar straight! [I write this knowing full well that some of you are going to test this; remember I warned you!]

Is red or white better?

Well, the short of it is that RED wine is generally better. Here’s why:

  • Naturally less sulfites, so less superficially added because the skin is left on for the fermentation process and the “skin holds most of the nutrients”. Sound familiar? {smiling for moms}
  • MORE antioxidants which kills Free Radicals, and frankly I would rather sip a glass of wine than take a supplement any day!
  • The antioxidants are Resveratrol which have a high content in red wine (and toasted peanuts) that are beneficial in many ways
  • The pH of red wine is around 3 acidity level (stomach acid is 1), which helps those gastric juices mix and digest food in the stomach, therefore,
  • Acidity of the red wine aids digestion, which from my practice seems to be a real need in most people
  • By default, the white and sweet wines have LESS antioxidants and therefore require more added sulfites in the production process

Great TIPS from a Master of Wine

**In case you are wondering; a Sommelier is certified for hospitality/presentation, where a Master of Wine is certified in the production- both are certified to taste

1. The more acidity and tannin, the longer the shelf life…and the more harsh the wine initially, but better a few days old. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Italian red wines fit here.

2. In 12-18 hours after opening, Pinot Noir taste like vinegar. Whites and sweets last longer because of a high superficial additive of sulfites!

3. If you LOVE white, white and sweet wines, simply get a copper rod, Copper Rod, and cut to 3-4 inches long. Now stir for a few  seconds. It attracts the sulfites and removes much of it. Interestingly, in sanskrit, sulfur is called shulbari, which literally means enemy of copper.

My great Source for more learning is Understanding Wine Technology by David Bird.

If you read Psalm 104 it is a great chapter on NUTRITION. Look!

verse 14.

  • You grow grass for the cattle;  (grass fed beef)
  • and for people you grow the plants they need to bring forth bread from the earth, (certainly NOT GMO)

verse 15

  • wine that gladdens the human heart,
  • oil to make faces glow,
  • food to sustain their strength. (again NOT GMO)

Who can refute this? Well, I’m sure some may try. There are lots of inappropriate times and amounts for wine, also noted in Psalms, but you must admit this is amazing information from educated people in the field and here is a bit more of my nutritional advice that seems to work for most.

My Recommendations for Drinking Wine

  • When possible, always drink a glass of wine with dinner – especially when eating out! -It will help kill pathogens
  • Try to drink 2 glasses of water for every glass of wine to alleviate the diuretic effect of dehydration. Please drink filtered or glass bottle, here’s why.
  • Don’t worry too much about “organic” as it is considered taboo/insulting in the wine industry – most are organic because if you spray;
    • It means that you have not managed your vineyard well and the wine will taste shoddy and usually thrown out
  • If you find a great tasting organic red wine, please post in comments and I’ll be glad to include a link back to your site if you have one
  • Gladdening the heart is a great thing to help ensure mommy is nice at the 5 O’Clock hour when the dinner preparations and hungry children scenario begins
  • Of course, please drink responsibly. One or two glasses may gladden, but more within a couple of hours may become giddy and inattentive  {written with love and care}

Cheers to Fostering Nutrition!


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