Nut Butter

Nut Butters…As you have seen from my post on how to prepare nuts [here] and my favorite store-bought nut butter [here], our family



nuts and nut butter and nut milk and…

Nut Butter

The reason is truly more than taste. As a mom of children, birthed, fostered, and adopted, every single child loves nut butter. Thankfully, we have not faced any allergies. Because nut butter is a great filler food that is full of good fats, which nourish the brain, and stops the hunger “trigger”. Nut butters also contain minerals and vitamins.

Unfortunately many children, including our foster children and picky birth children, need the boost of nutrients in these growing years. While their friends and neighbors are filling their stomachs with bread and candy and never getting full; we are choosing nut butter (among other fresh non-GMO food) as a terrific treat for both adult and child.

For the most perfect nut butter and elimination of potentially harmful additives, we make our own when able. Granted we slip and buy this or this. But generally speaking, nut butter is cost efficient and easy to make if you have the right tools, or another option.

In order to make your own nut butter it really is rather simple.

First , the nuts need to be properly prepared. See this. After this you have the option…crisp the nuts or put them directly in the blender. The nuts blend into butter easier in the soft state, however, the taste is better when you crispy them up a bit.

4 easy ingredients for 2 cups of nut butter:

– 2 cups crispy nuts

– 1/4 cup or more of coconut, Red Palm, or other oil

– 1 Tbsp raw honey

– 1/2 tsp mineral salt

This is a simple and healthful recipe adapted from this book.

Place the nuts in the blender on “grind” until it becomes a sticky flour. Scrape nuts off of the side and add the remaining 3 ingredients.

Simply spoon out and enjoy!

Keep on Fostering Nutrition for your loved ones because every child deserves to Be Healthy and Belong.

Nut Butter


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