Pomegranate; Tree of Power

Do you know the power of the Pomegranate?

First, the pomegranate is a real food. There are sugar-coated, chocolate-covered, and yogurt-covered treats, but the real food is always the very best option. It is beautiful, delicious, fun, and rarely messed with by sprays and modified chemicals.

Confessions of a Pomegranate

The mystery of  the pomegranate is held by legends of many nations, just like the heart of a person.  And today, with so many children having geriatric diseases1, the pomegranate offers a fun puzzle in picking out the seeds with a sweet, juicy taste that will help any child enjoy nourishment.


Nations all around the world have customs that include the pomegranate. It’s carvings adorn many artifacts described in the Temple built by Solomon. When you look at the value this fruit provides with its 613 seeds, it is then seen as a magnificent jewel. Wait, did I say 613 seeds?

Well, our family wanted to validate this information and yes, it is true, between 610-620 seeds on every.one.we.have.counted. It is a delicious way to teach counting for young ones…Our children learn to count through one’s, tens, and hundreds with pomegranate seeds. Read here how many children!! {smile}


Here is the Pomegranate’s top benefits:

  • B Vitamins,
  • fiber,
  • potassium,
  • high in antioxidants (which protects our cells against oxidative damage) and
  • folate acid.

It is a red ball of power! Many countries chew bits of the peel for mouth and gum disease.

Research from scientists at the University of Wisconsin have shown pomegranate fruit extract to have significant ant-tumor-promoting properties through lab tests (Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2005;102:14813-8).

Other studies, show this fruit to slow down menopause-related bone loss (J Ethnopharmacol 2004;92:93-101). The studies continue to show benefits for; heart, diminishing diabetes’ (with the flower), helps regenerate damaged skin cells, reduces inflammation, and more.

Pretty nerdy stuff, but isn’t it wonderful how many beneficial nutrients are obtained by simply enjoying this fruit and many other non-processed foods as a snack!

The pomegranate is an elaborate fruit with no pattern other than clumps which is similar to a child’s unpredictable nature.  Since we work with children, foster children, and adopt it is very clear that each soul has a purpose. It is very hard to see the good when muddied with difficult behavior and hate. However, with real food and encouragement, each person can find their fullest potential. Therefore eating real food helps each of us accomplish our greatest potential. We are each unique and created to make each other better, even when we don’t understand the other person.

Who can know the mind of a person but God Himself?

So the pomegranate has a special place in my heart. Even though it has an unpredictable order inside the peel, it is certainly fun, good, wonderful, and nutritious…just like the heart of a child.

From Start to Finish

  1. Picking out a pomegranate requires no smelling or thumping, simply use your sense of sight and look for a scarlet color with a thin, tough and unbroken skin.
  2. When opening, be careful  because the red juice will stain
  3. First cut off the crown.
  4. Cut the pomegranate in half.
  5. Gently pull apart the clumps and peel the thin flesh off over/in a bowl of cold water, fumble your fingers throughout and seeds will simply drop.


Below are some of the ways we enjoy pomegranates in our home!


  • On the table, a la cart! We use a bowl like this
  • Eat it fresh,
  • Sprinkle them in a salad for an elegant splash of sweet color,
  • Decorate a bubbly drink or juice in a glass by dropping in some seeds,
  • Include some in a juice blend ( Try this! )
  • Freeze it for a shake later on.


For more ideas on fun and healthy real foods, look around our site and at Farmer’s Markets. Never underestimate the power of what you eat!

Confessions of a Pomegranate

  1. In 2010,  215,000 youth under 20 are diagnosed with diabetes.  http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/pubs/pdf/ndfs_2011.pdf
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