Protect Children Online!

Protect Children Online from people you don’t know

All you bloggers and Facebook and Pinterest and Google+’s out there, this is an important message for you and your children.

Did you know that your photo’s location can be viewed and hacked on the web?

Did you know that the location is recorded when you take a picture from your smart phone and it is accessible to those who want to know?

Well, I did not know!  Well, I saw that the location was recorded but I did not understand the what exactly that meant…until now.

When I found out, I decided to not let “creepy man” check out our frequent places. Removing the location information is one way to protect children.

Here is a really easy 5 step plan to remove the location information from your photos taken on your phone.

  1. Get your smart phone and go to Settings

  2. Find your GPS “Location” settings  (iPhone – it is in the “Privacy” subgroup from the General Settings)

  3. Next choose “Location Services”  (Leave this ON for mapping directions and other apps)

  4. Simply choose to turn off the specific apps where you do not want location affiliations  (Turn off Camera and Photos)

  5. Another consideration is after step #2, there is a selection for Photos in the Privacy section.  Evaluate turning off access to these apps.

Protect children
Protect children

This is truly important.  If you are more audio minded,  Here is a video that helps you see the information and the importance.  If you want to protect children and the location of your children, make the change like we did and give yourself a little peace of mind.  We are certainly thankful we made the change.

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