What to Know When Vaccinating

Know When Vaccinating, there are some Helpful Actions

There are some important tips and considerations to know when vaccinating your child. In lieu of a friend sharing a video of my comment and concern at the Q & A with Del Bigtree. We were at the Wise Traditions Conference and had just viewed the controversial movie, Vaxxed. Now it’s my time for courage as I delve a little deeper.
I am a positive person. I want peace in the world. But if I remain silent, then you may have to experience a life you don’t want. And even if you choose to continue your path as planned, at least you move forward an educated parent and know when vaccinating there is a different perspective.
Know When Vaccinating

It Has Changed

When I was a girl, I got less than 15 vaccines 1  and I’m not noticeably compromised. My first child got more than 36 vaccines and there were adverse reactions. Potentially my compromised son with MTHFR and a physically under-developed body at birth, could not handle injections of these trace amounts of diseases.
These are important considerations to know when vaccinating a child and we need to have peaceful discussions. My son became autistic at 3 years old after a delayed MMR vaccine shot. Children change a family, but autism and other complications completely stop a family from participating in most events.
As I recovered my son with an amazing medical team and a major diet change,* our family began to foster children without parents or functional parents. In these children, we found that every child we took in had a chronic illness; cancer, ADD, gum disease (requiring surgery at 18 months), severe allergies, autism, etc… As a perpetual student in nutrition and medical interests, I learned some tricks and cautions by conversing with practitioners in the field that incorporate careful techniques to minimize and negate adverse reactions.

Manipulate the Draw

Today most vaccines are administered through single-dose vials. Some manufacturers deliver vaccines in the form of syringes. There are also multi-dose vials, and the vial states it’s content (e.g., 10-dose vial). Vaccines are a significant part of the well-baby check-up for the first few years of life. The attending nurse is responsible to check expiration, maintain correct temperature, and to shake the vial before drawing the dosage for each child. Afterwards, it is important to restore the vials to the cooler to maintain the required temperature or throw it out if compromised. 2
If you have a single-dose vial, the risk is that the last part of the draw has trace metals. This is what is discussed behind closed doors as possibly holding more of the harmful ingredients. Consider asking to not include this last bit in the draw and throw it out. This is good information to know when vaccinating.
Whether your pediatric office gives out multi-vial doses or single-dose vials, we all need to work together to address a possibility in administration. It is our children. Metals settle. In a perfect world there are no distractions and the vaccine vial is shaken and the dose drawn immediately. If there is a pause and the vial sits, the last bit is the challenge. It’s possibly what happened to many of our kids with autism (or other) indications from vaccines. If the last bit that is settled is not included in the administration, it could be beneficial. Talk to your doctor; I’m a mom who has witnessed a lot of compromised kids negatively affected. This protocol seems to help a bit and yet still allows compliance with the vaccine schedule.
Unfortunately, there is only one study that I am aware of  3, regarding this topic and it’s anonymous… but it is a discussion in some medical practices that I have been privy to be a part. I do not want to get “hung” for this, but this is what’s happening already and I’ll have to rely on God’s protection.


After having a child injured from the MMR because I didn’t have this knowledge 13 years ago and then having the knowledge but not having any choice with foster kids, it’s a tough line to tow. Somebody will get the last draw and you just pray to God that your kid doesn’t get the last dose in a multi-dose vial. Or you hope that the nurse was perfect and consistent to shake before pulling the dose out of each vial every single time (average of 10 draws) in the multi-dose so the additives and metals are evenly distributed. I don’t want to sacrifice any kid. Mine was sacrificed!
It has taken 10 years to recover and be able to participate in events with other kids. A whole lot of Hell was endured in those years.
On the positive side, there is a valid consideration. It is possible you can ask the administrator to NOT shake the vial, or if at the end of the multi-dose vial, just pull from the top and throw out the last bit if you wait and let it settle.
If you do a science experiment and put different densities of liquids in a vial. The heavier-density ingredients will settle and separate pretty quickly (depending on the mix of ingredients). In a vaccine consisting of an antidote, chemical additives, and trace metals, the metals will settle within a few minutes according to the medical doctors, scientists, and consortium in which I was conversing. It’s happening. Think outside the box.

There may be some that are shaking and pulling so quick that this doesn’t occur..but do you see the challenge? I’d rather never shake and throw out the last bit, but the instructions say to shake. It’s just a suggestion for the medical community to discuss, until the pharmaceutical corporations can figure out how to blend ingredients in a stable way without metals and harmful additives. It’s a consideration for you as the responsible parent to address with your practitioner.

This is information that I have had for several years, but didn’t want to get into the controversial arena of vaccines. I prefer creative measures that are peaceful and healthful to the children in which I have accountability.

Divine Appointments

On November, 11, I was privileged to sit by a strong woman Kelly the Kitchen Kop. I began to quiver and felt pushed to share these facts at a showing of Vaxxed at the Wise Traditions Conference, for which I was a speaker. I really did not want to share the information we have lived out through so many children. Kelly encouraged me to Go! I’ve been pussyfooting around a lot of information over the last few years (very much like Jonah in the book of Jonah, where he fled because he didn’t want to speak).
Here is the video that Kelly took as I muddled through sharing our experience for the first time publicly. It was an emotional moment.

I know that G-d has given me unique experiences but I didn’t want to be ostracized nor be de-railed on my efforts to love, teach, and help foster kids. Surprisingly t’s not a popular topic, which is bazaar. We should all be coming together as partners to figure out solutions to move forward. We have epidemic illness in our children today! Something is happening and it isn’t all because of the change in vaccines. It’s also something to do with the glyphosates.
I want to work peacefully together and for all of us to be inspired to hash this out. A committee with; pharmaceutical companies, parents, pediatric and primary practitioners, and CDC researchers is paramount. This is a real issue that needs to be openly and widely discussed in the medical community.
Please know when vaccinating your children or elderly, there are some considerations to help mitigate adverse reactions that can be discussed with your practitioner.
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Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal Real Food Recovery. Since losing a 4 yr old to cancer while fostering to adopt, Mandy founded a nonprofit organization recovering children at-risk using fun and real food. As a Mom to birth, foster, and adopted children, author, Nutritional Therapist, & NRT, Mandy shares simple, affordable ways to recover health and to have fun, while supporting your doctor... Connect with Mandy through Twitter and Facebook.
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