10 Steps Toward Real Beauty

10 Steps To Real Beauty!

Life is short. Since we have a tendency to waste our time on silly stuff, I thought 10 Steps to real beauty would help us re-focus!


Working with foster children you get to see the world through different eyes. Everyone feels mistreated, ugly, rejected, and un-empowered (is that a word?!). Throw in drug addictions, domestic violence and we have a mess. Toss in a poor diet and a hurricane happens – pulling 400,000 children into a system where they can feel lost. Many times these children at-risk fall prey to excessive medication to deal with their stormy lives. If we can make beauty from these ashes, and recover, I’m here to tell you that anyone can!

10 Ways to Make Life Beautiful

Before you start thinking only Barbie and perfectly manicured homes and fancy cars, I find it paramount to acknowledge a real beauty that exists from the inside out!

1. Don’t be angry, grumble, or complain… for more than 5 minutes

Express yourself and let it go! It creates wrinkles if you let it linger! 

2. Be generous

It ERASES years and it erases the hate that hides inside our hearts. Generosity sometimes erases hate from the recipients of your generosity!

3. Always have a pot of soup cooking

Before Bone Broth or Stock became popular, this brew dominated as a delicious soup for 1000s of years on campfires and stovetops to; greet guests, prevent hunger and wash away sickness.

4. Chew your food very slowly

Then you will digest it! We are not what we eat, but rather, we are what we can digest of what we eat. That goes for your spiritual life too. For our family, it is my goal to put goodness, truth, and love in every part of life. If we continue to digest this, something great becomes of it.

5. Eat everything around the bones: cartilage and fat 

My grandmother minimized wrinkles with her soup and fully rendering her food. We incorporate powdered grass-fed beef gelatin because joint care is important for young and old alike. Consuming homemade broth will help especially if you find organically minded, grass-fed meat; and put in the organs, bones, and cartilage for maximum health benefits.    

6. Always put facial cream/moisturizer on before bedtime

Consistency rules as well as wholesomeness! Looking beautiful helps us feel better. Our faces are the place where our glow shows. Use olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Keep it real and drop the chemicals. The contagious essential oil movement has done wonders here! I certainly have my favorite blends.

7. Grow a little garden for your soul and get connected to your food again. Try to prepare your food from scratch,

Most children I’ve worked with will eat the food they have grown. Herein lies the great mystery of discovering the motivation. Since processed foods contain anti-nutrients, try to drop them or at least minimize consumption. Avoid refined sugar, gluten, and sugary beverages. Think Slow Food USA and read Nourishing Traditions. These are great resources to empower you.

8. Meet your local farmers and eat better!

This is the best nutritional medicine since the beginning of time! It’s only recently that corporations bought into farming. Go local and support your community and your body. We always have peas and beans from one farmer, chicken and eggs from another, along with steak from the local meat market supplied by a grass-fed Rancher. There are organically minded farmers and farmer’s markets around you. Here is a Source to find local food.

9. Canned food from ancestry is glass, not aluminum

These are abundant vegetables from; the garden, farmers, or stores that in former years the grandmother stores in sterile Mason Jars! Today look for foods stored in glass. These “canned” vegetables have no BPA. We minimize our food from cans, bags, and boxes. Our only real struggle is to minimize these amazing chips that are a great option in a bag!

10. Consume yogurt and/or buttermilk before bed – probiotics if dairy free

This is something my grandfather did every night. Even though he smoked a cigar since he was 12, he lived to 90 years old. There’s something to keeping good flora (bugs) in your gut. Good probiotics or “bacteria” are vital to our gut health, behavior and systemic functioning. See more here.

Maybe we will all grow old beautifully! But mostly these 10 Steps to Real Beauty is about ensuring a legacy of healthy children. With our current statistics, it’s important to join together and re-think beauty from the inside out!

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One thought on “10 Steps Toward Real Beauty

  1. My grandmother (who lived to 96) always said that looking good was the most important thing. She did not mean beautiful inside, lol. That was something to consider but looks were everything. She NEVER showed up anywhere without lipstick. She was something.

    As far as food, our grandparents all had real food foundations. She loved fish and ate it 7 nights a week with tons of butter and lemon. I’m all in for that. I have fresh broth int he fridge. Going to put that on the stove now for lunch 🙂

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