10 Steps Towards Better

10 Steps To Better!

Life is short. Today I am remembering and sharing some simple steps from school, family, and friends over the years to improve life. Here are 10 of them to remind us to overcome and be better.


Working with foster children you get to see the world through different eyes. Everyone feels mistreated, ugly, rejected, and un-empowered (is that a word?!). Throw in drug addictions, domestic violence and we have a mess. Toss in a poor diet and a hurricane happens – pulling 400,000 children into a system where they can feel lost. Many times these children at-risk fall prey to excessive medication to deal with their stormy lives.

We are making a difference in our little corner of the world and sharing for you to get better in your space too. From our family to yours:

10 Ways to Make Life Better

Before you start thinking perfect, I find it paramount to acknowledge that every improvement is success!

1. Don’t be angry, grumble, or complain… for more than 5 minutes

Express yourself and let it go! It creates wrinkles if you let it linger! 

2. Be generous

It ERASES years and it erases the hate that hides inside these hurts. Generosity sometimes erases hate from the recipients of your generosity!

3. Have a pot of soup cooking

Before Bone Broth or Stock became popular, this brew dominated as a delicious soup for 1000s of years on campfires and stovetops to; greet guests, prevent hunger and wash away weak immunes.

4. Chew your food very slowly

Slowly chewing your food is a great help in digestion  We are not just what we eat, but rather, we are what we digest of what we eat. That seems to count for our spiritual life too. For our family, it is the goal to put goodness, truth, and love in every part of life. If we continue to digest this, something great becomes of it.

5. Try to Eat everything around the bones: cartilage and fat 

My grandmother had beautiful skin. She includes all the parts in her homemade stocks which can also include organs to increase nutrients.    

6. Put facial sunscreen on daily, and cream/moisturizer on before bedtime

Looking beautiful helps us feel better. Our faces are the place where our glow shows. Try lathering olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter before you shower. Get as natural as possible and include essential oils for a boost! I certainly have my favorite blends.

7. Grow a little garden and get connected to your food.

Most children I’ve worked with will eat the food they have grown. Herein lies the great mystery of discovering the motivation. Processed foods contain anti-nutrients, try to minimize consumption. Avoid refined sugar, gluten, and sugary beverages. Think Slow Food USA and read Nourishing Traditions. These are great resources to empower you.

8. Meet your local farmers and eat better!

It’s only recently that corporations bought into farming. Go local and support your community and your body. We  go to a farmer with vegetables, and to another farmer for meats and eggs. There are usually organic farmers and farmer’s markets around you. Here is a Source to find local food.

9. Canned food from ancestry is glass, not aluminum

These are abundant vegetables from; the garden, farmers, or stores that in former years the grandmother stores in sterile Mason Jars! Today look for foods stored in glass. These “canned” vegetables have no BPA. We minimize our food from cans, bags, and boxes.

10. Consume yogurt and/or buttermilk before bed – probiotics if dairy free

This is something my grandfather did every night. He lived to 90 years old. There’s something important about keeping good flora (bugs) in your gut. Good probiotics or “bacteria” are vital to our gut health, behavior and systemic functioning. See more here.

Maybe we can leave a legacy of healthier children. With our current statistics, it’s important to join together and re-think better immune systems from the inside out!


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