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It’s about hope! It’s about taking your health into your own hands.  Welcome to Real Food Recovery, a positive site that offers hope, natural remedies and good food to optimize health alongside your health practitioner!
Give hope and good food
Whitehead quoted, “Children are the living message we send to a time we will not see.” At age 12, Mandy wanted to adopt a child. Learning that there were over 400,000 children in Foster Care was unthinkable! That dream took time through many amazing adventures with children filling up all the spaces. At Cal Poly, Mandy graduated with fancy degrees, cooking and nutritional credentials but the important stuff was how many children and childrens’ homes found joy! How each child is awesome because of a special gift they possess! Mandy loves sharing the importance of the food we put in our bodies. If you want greatness, you must eat great! If you want fun, you must eat fun! Having 4 children, Mandy has now fostered several children and adopted only 1! Her inspiration to step out into the big world and share, was through a little 2-year-old foster boy with cancer who called her Mommy. After restoring his health with great food, despite chemo, Dak had the right to move back with his Bio-Dad. Surviving on Cheetos, coke and marshmallows, our weekly visits ended as Dak passed away at 4- years-old within 6 months. Holding this little guy in her arms as he passed, his last words inspire Mandy from this day forward. Life comes with some powerful lessons. Mandy intends to use experience, knowledge, and inspiration to reach out and help every kid and family she can touch! Join us as we continue to blow the roof off of hate, fear, anger, prejudice, and bad food and fill it with love, peace, forgiveness and good, healthy food that nourishes!

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My hope is to inspire a healthy life, full of fun, for you and your family, by sharing my success experiences.

The Beginning… a little more.

Do you have a child with a chronic illness?

There is hope! You can do this and you are not alone! We found God in a whole new way, when our hearts hurt the most.

If you feel alone and isolated, please don’t. There is a way through! Read more on how crazy and unbelievable circumstances chose our family and how we thrive.

Our joy is teaching, sharing and transforming your health.

Join us as we work towards recovery with Real Food!

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– Mandy, B.Sc., NTP, NRT, author, and Mommy of 4, Former Foster Mom of 7

3 thoughts on “About Mandy and the Driving Hope!

  1. I am a school counselor at a small but vibrant school with high poverty and many of my parents do not speak English. We have a healthy garden at our school where professional gardeners come to our school and teach our students how to garden and our children do the gardening. It began as a means to feed our students healthy food – the children have always been allowed to pick and take home what they and their families will eat. Now it has become so successful that not only are we feeding our students and their families, but our students are also selling their fresh produce to local restaurants :0)We have a bank at our school, so they are learning how to bank from real bankers and are saving the proceeds from the garden for their college education. You should consider working with schools to spread your healthy living to as many children as possible.

  2. That is the coolest thing I have heard! Yes, we should get involved with schools! You guys rock and all the schools should follow your lead!

  3. 10/10/16
    Mandy Blume,
    We noticed that you will be speaking at the WAP Conference in November. We have an online course that helps families transition from Fake Foods (Processed) to real foods. My wife has been a chapter leader for WAP for over 16 years and spoke at the last conference. We are writing to determine if there is any chance of coordinating an interview with you while you are there for the purpose of introducing you to our members. We would be happy to promote your book to them as well. If this is something you may consider, please contact me at Bud@Foodwifery.Com. For purposes of vetting, our website at Foodwifery.Com and Sally Fallon has provided help in promoting us and knows my wife Laurie.
    Thanks you for your consideration,


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