Apples & Pears, Whole Rose Fruits

Did you know that apples and pears belong to the Rose family…Rosaceae? And, “no” this article is not referring to the skin condition.

Apples & Pears, Simple Whole Rose Fruits

A Quick treat with Apples & Pears…Rose Fruits

Sometimes you just want a treat…that won’t hurt your health. This one is simple, budget-friendly, and delicious. We couldn’t decide between pears or apples, so we made both. One is a little gritty and one has a bit more firmness to the bite. Yet we enjoy them both.

Our goal is to inspire everyone to eat from local farmers, trade food between farmers, and certainly eat whole, non-sprayed, organically-minded food. We have seen the value of the food we eat with all of our children. See our amazing story here.

Here is a fun page on these Rose family fruits, along with a quiz we enjoyed. Source

The apple is said to reduce the risk of Neuro-degenerative diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s disease

These fruits are loaded with quercetin (a flavonoid) which aids in reducing allergy issues.

We eat apples and pears in a many ways; grain-free oatmeal and we eat them perfectly as they are in the raw “fast food” state. But for dinner, when I want to make a little something special and simple, this is a great dessert sure to impress guests and kids alike.

Prepare (10 minutes) and put them in the oven before you sit to eat at the table.

Time: 40 minutes

Temperature: 325ºF


Rose Fruits: Apples and/or Pears (1 or 2 for every person)

DatesWe use these.


Raw local honey

Place all the fruit in a glass dish.

Core the center. We use something like this.

Cored Rose Fruit

Remove pits from the dates and stuff them inside. You could mix ingredients and blend them first, but I’m going for minimalist here.  Place dish in the oven for 40 minutes. You could do it all here, but I wait 20 minutes before I add the nut and cinnamon, so it doesn’t get a burnt flavor.

Our table is our family “altar” so to speak. Don’t mistake me; we do not worship the food or the table. But it is the place where our family gathers [with Daddy] to visit. It is a safe place to nourish our souls as well as our bodies. It is a chance to hear the heart of each person; what we are thankful for on this day, what we could improve, and what we accomplished.

About now at the 20 minute mark, I like to sprinkle with cinnamon and stick a nut into the date.

With tremendous imagination, it looks like a rose on top and makes our dessert more fun.

Rose fruit baking in the oven

Now it has been 40 minutes, and the fruit is soft and sweet.


Apples & Pears, Simple Whole Rose Fruits

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