Baby? Planning a baby? 30 Day Nutrition 101 Online Course

Baby, Baby, Babies!  Do you have a Baby or preparing to have a baby?

Are you a holistically Savvy Mama?

Today you are blessed! Sign up and learn in a fun way.

Here is a Nutrition 101 course that will teach you how to care for yourself with specific attention on preparing for a baby and keeping your baby healthy for life!

Photo used from Savvy Mama
Photo used from Savvy Mama

Every once in a while you meet someone that just touches you in a special way. There are some people that just have a calm, confident spirit and you know that they have the qualifications, certifications and most importantly, the honesty to give you researched information.

Well, let me introduce you to one of those people. Krista Butler, B.A., M.Sc., and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who is Founder of Food Savvy at Krista is also on the board of the Midwifery Council of Nova Scotia. And you can learn from her directly.

Savvy mama pregnancy nutrition

  • You want to be completely confident with your pregnancy diet in 30 days.
  • You want to feel great by minimizing morning sickness, reduce cravings & zap fatigue
  • You want to look great by minimizing swelling & reducing varicose veins
  • Have a meal plan in place so you always know what to eat 7 days a week
  • Learn the secrets to meal prepping so that you will always have something healthy to eat on a whim (no more KD or store-bought frozen pizzas!)
  • You want to supercharge your future baby’s health (minimize your baby’s chance of having allergies, ear infections, vision problems and even reduce how much your little one cries)
  • Know you are getting the nutrients you need in this critical time of your life.

The wonderful news is that Krista has captured her research and prepared a class that is educational and fun! If you are wanting to have a baby, this class is a must! You will become a healthy-smart Mama that will benefit you and your baby. You will learn everything from a Nutritional Assessment of your health to preparing your own nourishing food. You will even have fun with little written exercises to make sure you capture the knowledge.

Do you know what vitamins and minerals are good for pregnancy? Do you know what can be harmful if consumed too much? Do you want more specific nutritional needs for your diet while preparing for a baby? Here’s the information Krista has lined up in her Ecourse…

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.16.37 PM

  • Short (but highly informative) audio/video sessions that are jam-packed with nutrition information
  • Weekly goals and challenges to keep you on track (and to reduce the amount of overwhelm)
  • 30 daily motivational emails to keep you on track & inspired
  • Lifetime access to a secret Facebook Group & be surrounded by like-minded women who are there to support you through your pregnancy journey
  • Confidence to know that you are making the right choices for yourself and future baby
  • Nutrition knowledge to last a lifetime, which means you will be feeding your family right for life
Krista, Be Food Savvy baby EcourseWhat have you got to lose? Click Krista’s photo or click on the link below to sign up through my affiliate link! You and your baby are worth it! This is basically,  a WAPF model of eating to support pre-preganncy and pregnancy health. But it is wrapped up into an engaging class format so you make sure to get the tools you need. So sign up! You’re welcome.

Nutrition 101

Happy pregnancy and healthy baby! May you and your babies be blessed as you learn to Foster Nutrition.

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