Changing a Bad Diet to Boost Your Immune System, Part 2

A Bad Diet 

This is a continuation of “Who is looking out for the health of our Children?” discussing:

The Value of the Food We Feed our Children.

Bad diet, bad health CAN be Corrected

We are turning the tides with a nutrient-dense diet. The challenge we face is to allow him to be hungry enough to want to eat good foods but ensure he is eating.  This is a not-so-fun balancing act. A bad diet filled with processed foods and dyes is a real effort to remove; but we are seeing terrific improvements that make the effort worthwhile.

Our Guiding Principles

The next couple of months prove to be very enlightening and educational. As a family who heavily subscribes to the Weston A. Price diet, the main book in our kitchen is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD. We know exactly what to do. We pull out the bone broth, fresh fruit and vegetables for breakfast.

My three sons, who are only a few years older, get to see the behavior of a child on a bad diet and with some tough circumstances. This sweet little guy is beyond picky. If it is not Peanut “Butty” and jelly- it is thrown. Fortunately, we find NuttZo and use this as we introduce new foods into his diet.

Additional Help

Visiting the local health store, we obtain some elderberry syrup – we used this– to assist the bronchitis out of his body and begin an arduous journey to health. At this point, I figure, he’s been on antibiotics for approximately 20 of the last 30 days, with no success, so I’ll try our family method for a few days, then re-evaluate.  

We teach gardening and it encourages our new son to eat what he has harvested: basil. We put it in soups, make pesto sauce and eat it over noodles. Bieler’s broth is brewed, from Nourishing Traditions, to last a couple of days and we get him to eat some bit by bit.

In the respiratory area, our family gently rubs a bit of tea tree oil mixed with olive oil on the body. Therefore, we rub this oil on the outside of his ear and chest. Here is our source.

He improves quickly and in a matter of months, we see improvement in behavior and diet. It happens with each child we take into our home. It actually shocks me every time I see the positive changes to a child by simply eating real food. Food that is not as processed. Our meals hold a pretty important role in sustaining our bodies, so we work diligently to reduce the processed foods into our bodies.

Bad Diet, Bad Health CAN be Corrected

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  1. Oh, Mandy, this teaches a great lesson. I look forward to reading more of your successes with your new addition. He’s a lucky little boy to wind up in your family <3 Thank you for all you do.

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