Be Happy No Matter What

It’s a choice to Be Happy No Matter What!

This past summer we made an effort to discuss how to choose happiness. It’s an attitude and it’s a reflection of our gut.

Be Happy

Most of these precious kids want to be with their mom or dad, but they are also afraid of their mom or dad. In the meantime, it is important to have a safe place to stay and there are wonderful places that keep foster kids and orphans. The challenge is to create a place that feels comfortable.

Mostly, we have to find that space in us to be happy. And because I’m into the power of good food, our microbiome needs to have more good bacteria than bad. Therefore, this summer, our weekly educational classes focused on foods with a few other “throw-ins” that help us have a better chance to be happy.

Incorporate the Positive

Here is a simple list and logic that we can all use:

  1. Dress Up every chance you get – it makes you feel good
  2. When you want a sweet treat, try ripe fruits and make popsicles (e.g., mango, strawberry, coconut, pineapple)
  3. Eat sauerkraut with cooked meals – it livens up the meal and fills the belly with good bacteria
  4. Drink Kombucha and mix with a little lemonade – fun drink with good bacteria
  5. Try having a guava fruit or raw red bell pepper – they are the highest in Vitamin C
  6. Eat proteins and fats together to digest better – avocado with turkey is amazing
  7. Try something new and fun- this summer the kids at the orphanage had sushi for the first time
  8. Be encouraging

Hope this inspires you in the kitchen and in your heart to be happy. Somehow, these little things can make a big difference. Although we may have mountains to climb to make it right with these kids, it all starts with baby steps.

We had a fantastic summer and moving into the school year with new fun. Hope you have tremendous health and happiness.


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