Beer Talk; Is it healthy or just a bar drink?

Is Beer Healthy?

Fermented beer sounds healthy. When I ask a few questions and tour a few places to understand it better, it’s the same as our food sources.  Some are careful to use the cleanest barley and hops, while some just ferment.

BEERI’ve been around the block a few times. The challenge is that with all the information, sometimes I forget to just stop and think a bit. The prevaricating data in studies is overwhelming. But my greatest success with kids is when I take a step back and evaluate. Is the food clean? Is it properly prepared; raw, soaked, marinated, or fermented?

When my firstborn had complications many years ago, it was scary. Our doctors couldn’t agree, therefore we learned to really get comfortable and discuss what works best for us. This is where we found the greatest success.

Empowerment is a great feeling. Understanding that we know our family and that we are responsible to figure out what works best is liberating. We started a whole new approach to life. It is this moment we realize we are accountable for the health of our family. Hiring more natural medical providers who value the parents, creates a much more collaborative approach. It is a real shift in thinking.

What Does this have to do with Beer?

Well, we are not “real” drinkers. Growing up in the south, a small town, or a million other reasons, drinking is not discussed openly. But an occasional glass of wine is nice. A proverb states it is good for the stomach. Yet my husband prefers a cold brew occasionally after a hard, hot day working in construction and making such beautiful edifices. Even before he improved his diet, he hardly ever got sick.  (FYI, construction uses very toxic materials!) Maybe the occasional beer helped?

But a few years ago, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT was speaking and I was listening. She mentioned that she and her husband drank an organic beer a few nights out of the week with their dinner. Then she talked about the metabolic pathway and the methylation process. Most of her information goes over my head, but I did capture some golden nuggets of her research from J.A. Kruse’s published studies.

From a Glass of Beer

Next, I remember growing up where individuals were drinking beer as “doctor’s orders”.

Medically recommended beer


How does fermentation help? Especially when so many can’t have wheat or gluten when recovering? Well, we eat sauerkraut, drink kombucha, and ferment a lot of creative foods. It’s always fascinated me that soy and wheat are allergens, but when fermented, people can actually enjoy them. Then there is the story of the Greenland population in a famine where only a poisonous shark is available for food. They fermented it and the people not only survived but thrived!

Fermenting Changes Food

So why aren’t we talking about beer? For my world, I get that too much is not good, but that goes for food, financial responsibility, and more. Moderation is key. Continuing in my quest for real food recovery, beer is a product of fermentation. I’m sure there are processes that aren’t clean, but what if it’s organic, beyond organic, or managed by a brewery that gets clean ingredients and processes without chemicals? I’m not a usual beer drinker, but I tried it. It’s bitter, but there are some that are pretty good. When eating out, the times I had a beer with my meals I would be very regular with my BM schedules comparatively. After noticing this pattern, it seems there is merit; beer may help us detox.

The Sail Without Wind

Discussing natural ways to get healthy and supporting local venues is fun. I hold class every 2nd Tuesday and thought it would be fun to discuss beer. It was the lowest attended class. I thought all the drinkers would be excited and come in droves! So maybe it’s too controversial, or maybe it’s different groups of people. The healthy people don’t drink beer. And the beer drinkers aren’t interested in health. Either way, I’m sharing the findings and enjoying the best health I can. Love defines my quest and if you are open-minded to hear some of the research, review the slides and determine if this might be a good addition for your health.

Here is a bit more: Beer also has Sulfur and B Vitamins.

sulfur in beer

Beer and B vitaminsIs Beer Healthy?

May you find tremendous health and happiness.



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