The Best Iced Coffee; Coconut Coffee


I know, I know. You say coffee is not good for children. But I live in the real world and my children see all the people around them enjoying a good brew, so we occasionally have a great alternative.

The Best Iced Coffee

We find it much more successful [with friends coming over or new foster children coming in] to offer a healthy alternative and every. great. once. in. a. while, I make this delicious treat!

Living in a tropical climate has it’s perks and coconut is one! We can trade at our Farmer’s Market or forage and find a good public coconut tree. Recently, we rendered a few coconuts and have been busy making delicious recipes. See how easy it is to harvest fruit from a coconut here.

It happens to be in the evening and Daddy is reading. All the children are snuggled in so I decide to make a fun little snack for the parents and some tiny taster cups for the children.  We use organic coffee from a coffee provider who actually travels to find the perfect beans and roasts them locally!

As I return to the room, the children squeal in delight! Daddy is excited too!

In the fridge we have:

-2 Cups of leftover organic brewed Coffee (like this).

-2 Cups of Coconut Milk (you can use local raw milk or almond milk) When there is no homemade- we use this.


1 Cup of Water (our way to keep it clean)

1 1/2 Cups of Ice

1/2 Cup of Raw Honey (or your taste amount)


Pour all ingredients into your blender (our favorite). Just use at a low-medium setting in order to crush the ice well. Our blender has an “Ice Cappuccino” selection.

It’s done. Pretty simple, huh?! As you pour there will be lots of froth and it seems to pour evenly into the glasses if you pour quickly after blending.

This recipe also makes a great drink when you have guests.

And in case you are wondering why I let my children over 5 years have a bit of coffee, I read this article on Dr. Mercola, a while back and found organic to be non-toxic and OK in small amounts. It is not recommended for expectant mothers though because of potential heart development interference. [Noted in the article link above].

We hope you enjoy our Iced Coffee as much as we do.

…And while your sipping, please peruse our site because we would love for you to be inspired to eat healthy, heal, and help some sweet kiddos that need a loving home!

The Best Iced Coffee


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