Sauerkraut Salad Dressing

Sauerkraut Salad Dressing to help the gut Whether we buy or make sauerkraut,  the remaining juice is so nutritional I didn’t want to throw it away.  One thought is to make salad dressing with the sauerkraut fulfilling the “vinegar” component. It tastes delicious, so I’m sharing.   Fermentation preserves and releases the lactic acids of cabbage […]

Get Rid of a Cavity & {DIY} Toothpaste

Get Rid of a Cavity and Make Toothpaste

Get Rid of a Cavity. We need to get rid of a cavity. It is so disappointing when you are healthy, organic, using only honey (and very little) and you go to the dentist to discover you have a CAVITY! And so does your child! Ugh. Probably because we’ve been chewing our supplements and not […]

prepare a pumpkin

How To Prepare a Pumpkin Without Waste

Prepare a Pumpkin with very little waste. When I prepare a pumpkin, I think of my Grandma. If she wasn’t shelling peas (and getting us to help), we were picking pecans off the ground. We would float in the pool to cool with watermelons…and Grandma was in the kitchen cooking or canning into a sterilized […]

Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatments that Everyone Should Know

Cancer Treatments The problem with cancer is that people don’t want to know about it until a doctor tells you, “You have cancer.” I know because it happened to us. I had absolutely NO idea what cancer or chemotherapy meant until we discover cancer in our 2 year old foster son. We received medical advice without […]

Ready-Made chocolate syrup

Ready Made Hot Chocolate Syrup

Ready Made Hot Chocolate from a Healthy Chocolate Syrup What can I do with 5 children who have been super great in the hospital for 5 hours??!!  We go home!  That’s the first comfy place. It’s been 5 hours to infuse a new alternative program for our foster son’s cancer that won’t go away.  He […]

Healthy snacks, hedgehogs

Healthy Snack – Hedgehogs in the Snow Dessert!

Here’s a healthy snack that is fun and has personality. We are invited to a friend’s birthday party!  The children are excited because this is a friend who prepares nutrient dense foods.  They try their best to eat healthy like us, but this mom has a talent for decorating.  So with great anticipation, we discuss […]

Boost your immune bath

Boost Your Immune System Bathing in Vitamin C

Bathing is a Great Way to Boost Your Immune System Baths are certainly known for relaxing qualities. When it is a difficult day or a child is sick, a bath is a great way to wind down.  There are many baths to take that are wonderful; lavender, salt, bubble are a few. But today I’m sharing a […]


Healthy Banana Snack making a Caterpillar

A Fun and Healthy Banana Snack for Children Who doesn’t love caterpillars?  Even the older children love this fun food craft that provides entertainment and a healthy banana snack.   We are reading a sweet book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, by Eric Carle. It is the inspiration for our treat in the kitchen. With allergies today, we work […]