Reason to Help Foster Kids

Reason to Help a Foster Child

Understanding the Reason to Help a Foster Child There are 400,000+ children that need a home and family in the USA alone. If you can’t have children or you are waiting to have children, consider volunteering and helping out foster kids. It is a great way to help out your community, help your family grow […]

Healthy snacks, hedgehogs

Healthy Snack – Hedgehogs in the Snow Dessert!

Here’s a healthy snack that is fun and has personality. We are invited to a friend’s birthday party!  The children are excited because this is a friend who prepares nutrient dense foods.  They try their best to eat healthy like us, but this mom has a talent for decorating.  So with great anticipation, we discuss […]

Boost your immune bath

Boost Your Immune System Bathing in Vitamin C

Bathing is a Great Way to Boost Your Immune System Baths are certainly known for relaxing qualities. When it is a difficult day or a child is sick, a bath is a great way to wind down.  There are many baths to take that are wonderful; lavender, salt, bubble are a few. But today I’m sharing a […]


Healthy Banana Snack making a Caterpillar

A Fun and Healthy Banana Snack for Children Who doesn’t love caterpillars?  Even the older children love this fun food craft that provides entertainment and a healthy banana snack.   We are reading a sweet book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, by Eric Carle. It is the inspiration for our treat in the kitchen. With allergies today, we work […]

Reason to help Foster children

Reason to Help Foster Children

Help foster children When we start the process to adopt, we get a shock. Adoption is very expensive, plus you have to choose the child you want (and the questions are awkward). We couldn’t do that. When we talk to several people about our personal challenge in adoption, one family recommends we try foster care […]

Eat Nuts

How to Eat Nuts and Soak Nuts!

Don’t Eat Those Nuts! Wait until you soak them for at least 7 hours. After years of opening a bag of nuts (pecans, walnuts, blanched almonds) and just eating these tasty treats, I learned in Nutrition school that there are phytates. As our family went gluten and dairy free to recovery, eating nuts was an […]

help foster children

Why Should I Help Foster Children?

Why Should I Help Foster Children? My hope is to help educate and give ideas where more people can help foster children and consequently affect a positive change in the world.  One child at a time. Every child should have an opportunity to be great. And when bad things happen and life gives you lemons, […]

Well behaved children

Well Behaved Children with Blanket Time

This is “Hands-Down” the best parenting tip we ever got from a dear, sweet, amazing parent on how to have… Well-Behaved Children. We took this class on Child-Training from an amazing couple who have become our mentors. Every one of their now-married children avoided terrible 2’s, 3’s and teenage years. So no matter what we […]