Well behaved children

Well Behaved Children with Blanket Time

This is “Hands-Down” the best parenting tip we ever got from a dear, sweet, amazing parent on how to have… Well-Behaved Children. We took this class on Child-Training from an amazing couple who have become our mentors. Every one of their now-married children avoided terrible 2’s, 3’s and teenage years. So no matter what we […]

Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Incredibly Succulent Sweet Potato Pie

 Sweet Potato Pie Many people really like pumpkin pie, which I’ve never really enjoyed. But when my Mom made a sweet potato pie, I found my sweet spot. In our quest to eat as much organic food from our local farmers or supportive grocery store, we found these fun purple sweet potatoes and I called […]

Supplements and the secret to faster health

The Secret to Faster Health with Supplements

Faster Healing with Supplements Our Pediatrician is very open minded. She thinks about the many ways to find healing and I figure out the little secret to faster health. In the office, there is a whole section of chinese herbals, thought provoking material, and other supplements. As I begin to read the material on chinese […]

epidemic diseases

What about the Epidemic Diseases in Children?!

The picture at the bottom haunts me. I never want to forget how smart a 2-year old is and how very REAL it is that epidemic diseases are infecting our children. In this photo, my little foster son tells me, “Mommy, I do not want to go inside and do this chemo again” as I try to […]

No Aluminum potatoes

No Aluminum Baked Potatoes

Aluminum-Free Baked Potatoes Soaking in oil and salt are good for potatoes too! Recently we went to the Salt Sea (also known as the Dead Sea) and soaked in one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. We walked up on the beach, rubbed this black mineral “mud-crunch” all over, let it dry, then went […]

Healthy Family 6 steps

Healthy Family in 6 Easy Steps

Healthy Family in 6 Easy Steps Want a fast way to get healthy?! Eat foods that strengthen you and prevent disease.  With a lot of hard experiences, I realize that this is the purpose of food; good taste and good health. The current philosophy seems to be, “eat any food you like, and take a pill […]

The Amazing Pomegranate

Pomegranate Provides Beauty and Nutrients

Pomegranate of Beauty and Nutrients This fruit called pomegranate is one of the most beautiful fruits. It is also a real food that provides terrific nutrients. I wanted my first post to reflect both elements. At the core of what I do, I volunteer because I see the beauty in these kids that have a really […]