Boost Your Immune System Bathing in Vitamin C

Bathing is a Great Way to Boost Your Immune System

Baths are certainly known for relaxing qualities. When it is a difficult day or a child is sick, a bath is a great way to wind down.  There are many baths to take that are wonderful; lavender, salt, bubble are a few. But today I’m sharing a family favorite, that happens to boost your immune.

Boost your immune bath


Why Oranges?

First, we are all about fun, education, and real food in season. We love helping children and finding ways to encourage a healthy, happy home.

Which leads us to Oranges, which are full of Vitamin C and the wonderful health benefits. Vitamin C is great for; lifting moods, assisting digestion, balancing heart palpitations and more. The immune-boosting qualities are also quite tasty in the mouth and pleasing to the nose. So after enjoying a delicious orange, we save the peelings for a nice, warm bath and we throw in a few whole slices too.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it will assist the body in resisting infectious agents. It literally wraps around cells and protects them. When our first foster son had cancer and we had to go through chemotherapy, I was able to feed and support him at this critical time. He was only 2 years old and as I present my plan, our doctor had some stipulations. He asked that we not give the Vitamin C supplements (amazing syrup)and foods until the day after the chemotherapy was complete. The Vitamin C would actually inhibit the chemotherapy from penetrating the cells.

Another benefit is the reduction of cellulite. When I bathe in an orange bath, I will fold and squeeze the oil from the rinds and rub it on my upper legs.

Oranges are also full of flavanoids. Flavanoids help resist; allergies, cancer, inflammation, and viruses. One flavonoid in the orange is called quercetin which is known for its ability to relieve; asthma, eczema, hay fever, and sinus infections. Why not also put orange rinds in your bath water? Thankfully, the rinds do not make you sticky.

Additionally, Vitamin A is abundant in oranges, which maintains healthy mucous membranes, helps the skin and is essential for good vision.  Oranges are also a very good source of B-complex and many other vitamins and minerals.

Ever notice how the orange is harvested just before the onset of winter when the cold/flu season begins?!

Gathering and Implementing

Realizing the value of this fruit, we do not want to waste any of the nutritious parts. As we peel an orange, we put the peelings in a bag to refrigerate. Once we accumulate enough rinds, we are ready. Usually 3-4 oranges is sufficient for our bath.

Boost your Immune Bath orange peel

We draw a warm bath and simply put the orange rinds into the bathtub. The children love to play with all the floating pieces. When we can be resourceful, encourage good health and have fun we have the triple factor of magic!

  • It is important to use only organic oranges to ensure the harmful pesticides and other chemicals are not being absorbed.  
  • 10 -15 minutes is the limit for children.  My younger ones say that it begins to sting their skin around 20 minutes.  So this is a quick and effective path for nutrient absorption!

The smells are incredibly invigorating and as long as you are not allergic to oranges, this is truly a wonderful way we boost our immune systems. We like to take a bath to help in times when we feel a cold coming on. And this “boost your immune” bath does not keep us awake before bed.  Surprisingly, oranges and orange oils are beneficial to insomniacs.

Hope you enjoy this bath as well as we do.

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2 thoughts on “Boost Your Immune System Bathing in Vitamin C

  1. It is difficult to get organic orange getting orange peel soap can be used?

    1. Dr Ibraham, thanks for stopping by. That is unfortunate you are unable to get organic oranges. Go for it! If you can obtain organic soap that uses orange peels, that sounds like a great 2nd option.

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