Take Power -What Cancer Cannot Do!

Some days I catch my breath, tears fall and I gasp for air to pull myself together again. In these moments of remembering our little boy who changed our lives forever, it is incredibly clear that there are things Cancer Cannot Do!

What Cancer Cannot Do!

Take Power!

Cancer whispers through quiet breaths as if it holds a power, and if it is heard you might “catch it”! I choose to scream at it! There were a few years up until cancer, that I was a sweet Momma, pulled together, and tender. But cancer changes me. Now I choose to stand up and fight it! Since working with orphans/foster kids, we see the massive difference between eating real food and the destruction when eating processed food and sugar.

As I meet many friends who are struggling with cancer, both young and old, I fully understand that each day is not a guarantee. Yet I still say, there are more things that cancer cannot do!

Admittedly, there are a few things cancer does, like take my 4 year-old-son, when I saved him from unfortunate circumstances!! But not without permission; so hear me well, there are more things that cancer cannot do!

Cancer Cannot:

  • Stop me from loving my son I can’t hug now.
  • Prevent me from pouring love into my healthy children, although it tried.
  • Cause me to lose my faith.
  • Push me to hate.
  • Take my relationships, even though I lost touch with most everyone during the battle.
  • Dim my hope.
  • Distract me from what matters in life.
  • Erase all the memories.
  • Steal my eternity where we will meet again.
  • Silence my courage to fight for other kids.
  • Lower my gaze to focus on petty issues.
  • And although it has broken my HEART a thousand times, cancer cannot prevent my heart from rebuilding, growing stronger, believing greater, and beating louder.

Do Something

I refuse to sit here and do nothing. Instead of whining, I authored Real Food Recovery to reach out, encourage and empower others within the kitchen and home. Surely, we cannot get stuck and let cancer (or anything else!) impede us from the life and purpose we have to make this world a better place.

Cancer Cannot: All 5 Arnold Palmer Hospital

Yes, it hurts unimaginably to hold a child as he dies. It hurts to let go of anyone! But something untouchable remains and changes me. Beneath the layers, this Momma is taller, stronger, and better than before with wild eyes, wide-open and not afraid to let it all out.

Cancer cannot do all this, only love can!

Formerly, I was happy as a momma at home supporting a family. Now I submit to crazy things just to touch the life of some kids in a group home without a mom or dad. This is not my choosing, but it certainly chooses me. What are your experiences strengthening you for? It is for something great!

Therefore, Fight on! my friends. When difficulties and horrors come, fight like a warrior against the creeping, destructive nature that tries to take your marriage, your love, your faith, and your relationships! Somehow, drop it all and fight like “heaven” for your family like no one else will do!


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