What about health of these children

Looking Out for the Health of Our Children? Part 1

Our children will be the leaders of tomorrow Part I on “The Value of the Food We Feed Our Children” Because according to the CDC, 1 in every 2 children has some form of chronic illness today. When our family began to reach out and help foster and orphan children, we discover that each child […]


Left Behind is NuttZo Good

Every so often life hands you a fun surprise. After a few years of consuming this amazing product, my son decides today to read the side label as we sit and eat our breakfast; bananas with NuttZo butter! We love NuttZo Butter!  Usually, we read the ingredients and move on.  But if you haven’t found […]


Something from My Body is Staining My Bra!

Is Something Staining Your Bra! This is really important! So I’ll forego the discomfort of discussion for the greater good! We need to clean some toxins out of our bodies and especially those moms who are nursing! Usually, I am private about the amazing insights in my business of helping others, mostly children. Many times, […]

Reason to Help Foster Kids

Reason to Help a Foster Child

Understanding the Reason to Help a Foster Child There are 400,000+ children that need a home and family in the USA alone. If you can’t have children or you are waiting to have children, consider volunteering and helping out foster kids. It is a great way to help out your community, help your family grow […]

Reason to help Foster children

Reason to Help Foster Children

Help foster children When we start the process to adopt, we get a shock. Adoption is very expensive, plus you have to choose the child you want (and the questions are awkward). We couldn’t do that. When we talk to several people about our personal challenge in adoption, one family recommends we try foster care […]

help foster children

Why Should I Help Foster Children?

Why Should I Help Foster Children? My hope is to help educate and give ideas where more people can help foster children and consequently affect a positive change in the world.  One child at a time. Every child should have an opportunity to be great. And when bad things happen and life gives you lemons, […]

Well behaved children

Well Behaved Children with Blanket Time

This is “Hands-Down” the best parenting tip we ever got from a dear, sweet, amazing parent on how to have… Well-Behaved Children. We took this class on Child-Training from an amazing couple who have become our mentors. Every one of their now-married children avoided terrible 2’s, 3’s and teenage years. So no matter what we […]

epidemic diseases

What about the Epidemic Diseases in Children?!

The picture at the bottom haunts me. I never want to forget how smart a 2-year old is and how very REAL it is that epidemic diseases are infecting our children. In this photo, my little foster son tells me, “Mommy, I do not want to go inside and do this chemo again” as I try to […]