Child Training Tips to Get Along & Stop Complaining

As a parent, you really want your children to turn out Great! It is important that my children are GemaCH,..and smart, creative, confident, etc…

Here are some Child Training Tips to Get Along and Stop Complaining. We practice these in our home.

child training tips

First, I must say that a good diet is critical. Children eating a lot of sugar and refined breads will not be capable to be their very best. So truly this is the first Child Training Tip: Eat whole foods, not processed foods.

Also, our family has thus far fostered-to-adopt 7 children. These children have been through situations that we don’t know, so it is important to teach them to be prepared for life and make it a fun experience. It is imperative that we use child training tips and make it fun for these precious ones. Five of these children went back to their biological parents, so our hope is to stay in touch and pray that our bit of time positively helps them become wonderful people. Tough but moving on… Well, we have some “pet peeves” that we DO NOT want our children to have. These are non-negotiable behaviors that are critical, in our parenting opinion. These two are beyond unholy, they are truly annoying and I see it everywhere I go!

  • One, is that a child should be able to get along with their siblings most of the time.  I am realistic.
  • Secondly, it is important not to complain! Granted sometimes we all indulge, but generally speaking.

We keep reminding our children to improve and it seems endless. I am entertaining the idea of recording commonly stated phrases so I don’t  have to repeat myself so much! Nothing is working. So one day, I think of how the punishment could be more meaningfully related to the crime.  After a lot of experimenting, here are some child training tips that work brilliantly for us!

I must confess, there were 6 amazing months in my life in college where I was privileged to become a Ropes Course Instructor. This is my inspiration!

1.  When a child starts bickering and fussing with another child, I give only one warning for the day.  If it continues,

I pull out the ribbon, and call it the Teamwork ribbon.

As they giggle, I tie the ribbon around the left leg of one child and to the right leg of another. Just like a sack race. Not too tight, but snug enough to stay on. In fact, this is a better idea! As I write this down a sack might the a better option! Continuing…Then it is like an obstacle course lesson.  They have to do everything together for the next X minutes. 15 minutes seems to work well for us. At this point they are laughing and ready to win a sack race! Every single time the children have so much fun. Occasionally they are grumbling with each other initially, but with encouragement we move forward and this works beautifully. They get the lesson and learn how to get along. It is important for us to discuss regularly how each member of the family is important. Each person has unique talents that contribute to the family that we have. We try to remind our children to enjoy what the Creator gives us and focus on the good attributes in each other. Critical to note that sometimes Mommy and Daddy have to do this! HA! We are not above reproach and the children LOVE it when we participate and show that we need a little work too!

2. The complaining spirit is another really annoying family nuisance. We work hard to get this little booger out!

Complaining requires action to be removed!

When my children complain about being bored, I give them a job to do. In fact that tip worked so well that my children warn others. Once a friend was over and her children are a little bit older.  Her son said, “I’m bored”. My children all looked at him and said, “ooooo, that means you are boring.” What I have taught my children is that if they are bored, there is plenty of work to do and school to do. If a child is all done with jurisdictions, they have no reason to be bored. There are so many wonderful things to learn, so a child needs to become responsible to fill his/her time with productive tasks. Note: It is a little exciting and frightening because as they are growing, they begin to do amazing things without asking because they know how! Aah. These are a few of our examples  to productively fill time:

  • Build a garden
  • Draw a picture for a family member or friend
  • Help a brother or sister with a jurisdiction
  • Take a nap (sleep is healing and we never get enough!)
  • Look at a book or read a book -according to age ability; read to a younger sibling
  • Help Mommy and learn to prepare foods properly

child training tips

This is a hugely effective child training tip to combat complaining. When a child complains about random things, the child has to do exercise appropriate to the age. Literally, this is how we stay in shape! Two of my children have a hard time with jumping jacks (quickly learning!). So we are practicing jumping jacks (and I’m doing it too to demonstrate!)  Exercise is a great way to let steam off, and it helps our children and us refocus. Here’s what we do:

  • jumping jacks
  • sit-ups
  • jump rope
  • push ups (this one is hysterical!)

These are a few positive ways we hope to instill goodness in our children. Please share your best practices, because we are hoping to raise righteous children.

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