Compromised Children Make Better People

How Compromised Children Make Us Better People

There are some positive outcomes to having a compromised child and for some families, compromised children.

Compromised Children


Certainly, there are some really unfortunate outcomes to having a compromised child. Whether you have a child with Down’s Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disorder, Autism, ADD/ADHD, cancer, etc… it is a truly difficult life. In fact, it radically changes a family’s life. It changes perspective, friends,, activities, beliefs, and diet.

But today is a day to recognize the silver lining. After dealing with so many children at-risk, I now find it incredibly important to find some kind of good in everything.

Finding the Positive With Compromised Children

Tremendous Depth

While a perfect life is blissful, many times it can be shallow. Really tough times in life seem to bring out more than we ever thought possible inside of us. When a compromised child arrives into a family, life seems to take on more depth. A smile, a caring heart, and a simple act of kindness means a great deal.

No Obligations

You know all those events and parties that you feel like you need to go to for friendships, political maneuvering, and family traditions? Having a compromised child becomes a real life-balancer. Plus, everyone understands your excuses and appreciates you more when you can attend.

Emotional Olympian

The “traumatic” times of seeing a spider are days of old! Surgeries, herculean embarrassments, near death, and death experiences are all fair game and somehow we become stronger and more vulnerable and more real as we survive and appreciate the lives of those around us!

Education and Critical Thinking

Many times a medical professional only sees what he/she is trained to see. Therefore disorders labeled as incurable are written-off. A good friend who is an MD said to me, “I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s just the new normal.” While I appreciate the sympathy, a Mom must find a better way.  It’s human nature. Look at the parents discovering Lorenzo’s Oil  Parents are very important in the discovery of cures; love drives us to find a better way.

Food is Important

No matter what anyone tells you, the connection to food and healing becomes vividly clear. How food is: grown, fertilized, harvested, prepared, and cooked are of paramount importance. These factors determine if you have healthy, real, food to nourish, or if you are serving a dish laden with chemicals that may harm your child.

Looking Glasses

A wonderful part of human nature occurs as well. There is always a silver lining or life would be out of balance. As a child discovers who they are, a whole new perspective occurs. Compromised children look at life differently. Some see in a way that allows loved ones to also see the world in a positive  new light. Temple Grandin is a perfect example. We now understand animals better because her mom listened and pushed others to listen.


Finding the positive is beneficial for our health. So keep this list in mind for the days you feel you can’t go on. We are a large number of parents and we can turn this around! Maybe not in a day, or in one magical potion, but collectively and day by day, we will build a better world for our children.


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  1. What a great article, Mandy! Couldn’t watch the talk but i will after my class today. Looking forward to it <3

    1. Thank you, Sally! It means bunches coming from you; someone that has adopted beautiful boys and made a huge dent in the world!

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