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  1. Happened upon your site. I am an RN/NP in women’s health, and we teach our patients about the benefits of whole food nutrition.One way to bridge that gap is with JuicePlus+. It’s just fruit, veggies and berries in capsules and helps bridge the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat. Important throughout the lifespan, and particularly in pregnancy. Our website shows many of the research studies, (now over 32), and Doctors like Dr Bill Sears support us. Kids ages 4-undergraduate of college are free with a participating adult.It’s call the Children’s Health Study. So check it out!
    I am also a mom of two adopted girls, and my love for JP+ has been in supporting their health (esp reduction in their allergies and less sick days overall)

    1. Yeah! Glad you happened here! Good add. We have used Juiceplus in travels and it is a great product. Thanks, I will check this out. Congrats and much health to you and those blessed girls.:-)

  2. Hi Mandy, I just found your website I have to say I love how you are helping others to get children well (healthy) again. I have a 6 year old that seems to catch colds often. I would like to learn more about kombucha that I could buy at the store or could I give decaf green tea to support his immune system? I currently give him culturelle probiotics, apple cider vinegar with the mother, and Epson salt baths. Thanks for any advise.


    1. Thank you, Kelly. Sounds like you are doing great. We do these things also, we just mainly have to remember to keep hydrated. We forget the simplest things and it makes a huge difference. When we have a child that just can’t seem to recover quickly, we do enemas. If you are brave enough {smile} here is the step by step.

    2. Kelly, my youngest one also catches colds often.

      Did you try the garlic enema remedy suggested by Mandy?

      Did it help?

      Mandy, when the one that does not recover quickly, how often do you give enemas?

      1. We give as needed. It’s usually after a grandparent visit or as colds come. We really try to have a good cleanse at least once a month. But when stubborn sickness, we repeat until clear and supplant probiotics once or twice to equip them faster.

        1. mandy, why after a grandparent visit? Is that because the grandparents fed wrong foods when visiting?

          1. Yes, Beth. Visiting the grandparents is a fun occasion and there are usually some foods consumed that we normally do not eat. I don’t want to pick on the grandparents, because when we are traveling or going out, we also find our kids get a little sick and we have to do a little flush.

  3. I read your article about deworming using diatamceous earth. I had a question about how important the amino acid and mineral supplementation is. My husband and I are going down to Haiti in about three days and a friend of mine we will be working with down there does work with the orphanages, which are horrific. She believes pretty much all of the children are in need of deworming but because of the corruption, they are unable to help the children get what they need. I want to take her some diatamaceous earth so when she runs across a child that need deworming, she can put them on that. I am just wondering if it is absolutely necessary to supplement with the aa’s and minerals because I know it will be hard to keep as much as she would need in stock and it isn’t possible to get those supplements there. Any advice on that? I would love to be able to bring her something she can help the kids with that she cares for through the orphanages.

    1. Charis, Wow! How wonderful that you and your husband are going to help these children. I’m sad that I have missed your three day window but if you have a chance, I will at least leave this bit…if your friend can procure organic, nonGMO soy milk it does contain 9 essential amino acids. I’m not a fan for consistent use….but everything has a purpose. This way they can have the diatomaceous earth (DTE) in the water and then for lunch drink a glass of milk. That is what I would do and have done in a pinch.

  4. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I will pass this info along to her, as well as the entire blog, I’m sure she will get a lot out of it for those little ones she’s working with.

  5. Mandy, read your reply “We give as needed. It’s usually after a grandparent visit or as colds come. We really try to have a good cleanse at least once a month. But when stubborn sickness, we repeat until clear and supplant probiotics once or twice to equip them faster.”

    You may not have seen my question. Why usually after a grandparent visit? Was that because they were fed wrong things by grandparents? or you felt grandparents exposed them to possible colds, flu and such?

    Can you explain what a good cleanse at least once a month is? You mean a detox type of a cleanse? Epson salt baths? Enemas?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Beth. My computer stalled on me. I’m just able to get on again…Yes, we call it the detox after grandparents. So much food, sugar that we don’t usually eat at home. Although my parents are super sweet in getting some great options, our children are exposed to so much more when away from home. We usually have a couple of juices (kale, pineapple, apple, carrot) throughout the day to cleanse the colon or a tsp of Diatomaceous Earth (DTE) in about 4 oz. water, and/or the other modalities mentioned. In general we try to do a little detox 1 day each month and it varies.

  6. mandy, decided to ask on this blog to keep it easier.

    On the blog about supplanting repopulating the gut you asked where Susan found the larger green syringe at. Did you or Susan ever find the green one?

    When you stated they are great because they have a 6 and 8 oz capacity bulb and your current bulb syringe are smaller holding 3 oz, you meant the orange and green one held 6 and 8 oz capacity?

    Where can I fiind a 6 or 8 oz bulb? I want to use a larger capacity bulb.

    Nothing wrong with the little take apart bulb you use. But it only holds 3 oz.

    1. I agree, Beth. I found this 9 fl. oz bulb, but I would prefer one solid piece. I have not found the exact one desired, but these will work.

      1. Why do you prefer a one solid piece enema bulb Mandy? Is the one piece enema bulb better for giving an enema than the two piece one?

        I now give mine enemas with a two piece enema bulb something like the one you have the link to.

        Did you buy and use the 9 fl. oz bulb you have link to? What do you think of it?

        By the way, I love your blog on being a nice person. Forgot the name of the blog. But you had a list of things that make your life and other peoples lives better. I tried finding the blog but cannot find it now.

        1. Thanks, Gail. I just prefer the solid bulb because they are usually larger and less cumbersome. It’s just a personal preference. Cleaning is probably easier for the two piece. Is this the article?

  7. Mandy, I also would prefer a one solid piece enema bulb.

    With proper cleaning and airing out the one piece bulb works fine. I have read where some moms mentioned mold problem in the bulb. That is because the bulb was not cleaned and air dried properly.

    Did you order the 9 fl. oz bulb you have link to?

    How does it work for an enema? Leak where the nozzle attaches to the bulb?

    I note it is made in Ukraine. So, wondering about the quality of the bulb.

  8. mandy, since I posted above asking if you ordered the 9 oz bulb you have the link to, I finally found a one piece enema bulb syringe!

    I am posting this so you and other moms know there is a one piece enema bulb still out there for sale.

    I have looked every where for one. A one piece enema bulb syringe. That holds more than 3 oz.

    This one holds 270 ml which is 9.2 fl oz.

    The link for it is at

    I see they have ten more available. I cannot say anything about the quality of it. I have never ordered anything on line. But it does look like the one I have been searching for.


    Is this what you also have been looking for? It looks similar to the orange one you have on your page.

    What do you think?

    It is No 9 which holds 9.13 fl oz

    It say they also sell No 6 which olds 6.00 fl oz
    A No 3 which holds 3.04 fl oz. The No 3 is too small.

    Like the one you put the link to (the 9 oz bulb these are also made in Ukraine.

    Wish was made in USA.

  9. Mandy, I also found another one piece bulb. It holds 175 ml which is 5.9 fl oz. Blue enema bulb one piece. Does not come apart.

    It is from a different source than the one I told you about above.

    if you want the link to this one let me know.

  10. Hello Mandy,

    My question is a bit personal in nature but I’m having the hardest time finding information. Both my sons (3.5 years and 1.5 year) have been identified as having phimosis and undescended testicles. The doctor and surgeon have both prescribed steroid cream to stretch the skin and surgery for the testicles. I’m very nervous to use the cream due to what I’ve been learning about antibiotics but cannot find alternative treatments. Do you know of anything? Or can suggest how to best manage the treatment?

    Thank you and thankful for the work you are doing and info you put out!

    P.S. I can’t find a cause for these issues but have you perhaps? I’m wondering if it is genetic or nutritional from the womb, as it seems unusual for both sons to have it.

    1. Sarah, so sorry I’m late in responding. Thank you so much for your kind words, we have dealt with this issue and I’ll share the different approaches we have used. Find a holistic practitioner. many times chiropractors offer supplements with testing and we have found some incredible benefits along with holistic MDs. Hopefully what I share below will help you; but if you have to do surgery, find a great Pediatric Urologist and go in peace. We have done all of these approaches with some of our children.

      First nutritionally, a musculoskeletal supplement is helpful support. We have crushed 1-2 supplements like Cyto-zyme Parotid crushed and put in applesauce; like this. (see if you can find a holistic chiropractor or doc and they may carry this).
      Also, homeopaths are gentle and many times (not always) we have found these to be very effective and fast. Some ideas would be:
      arum met or Thyroidinum 30c–(we were told that 1 or 2 times with the dosage and no more)
      One Urologist had us put a warm compress to relax the muscles once a day for a while.
      These worked for a couple of children and then one had to have the surgery. These will at least move you in the right direction and your physician can observe your success or need to take further action.
      P.S. As to the why, my experience has led me to the conclusion that we are degrading because of our lack of nutrient consumption and food preparation. Read “Pottenger’s Cats”, it is a great resource. Please note that the encouraging part, noted in the book and our experience, is that diet can actually begin to reverse issues. 🙂 Try to add liver pate’ to the hamburger (70-30 ratio of hamburger to liver). My thoughts and prayers are with you. May this work for your boys!

  11. Hello Mandy,
    May I ask some advice? I love your sight and thought you would be a good resource for me. We are currently doing foster care and have a child who may be staying with us for a long time, if not permanently. He has only been here a few days and it is my goal to make him feel as secure and well-cared for as possible. I’m not sure how to approach the food issue in a way that will not lead to anger or mistrust. He only knows and will eat the highly processed nonsense: oreos, pizza, chicken patties, lucky charms, etc. I do not keep any of those foods in my house as we follow a GAPS type diet. I am willing to buy him some organic versions of the foods he loves, but at what point do I try to get him to try new things. We tried making a rule that he must try one bite (not even swallow) of what the family is eating before he can have his old favorites, but that turned into a 2 hour crying fit. The whole time my heart was in turmoil thinking how this is the right thing (in my mind) but may be causing him deep wounds. Eventually I invited him into the garden where we picked peas and talked and giggled. I said it will be time for bed when we go in so he would have one more chance to get his mac n cheese if he tried a bite of dinner. He actually did it and was so proud that he was brave. The next day, however, my husband said that we cannot have that rule anymore. We cannot have him thinking we are withholding food from him. I’m just not quite sure how to proceed. I am planning on discussing it with the case workers(but I do not believe they will see the deep importance of a proper diet for a young child). Any of your wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi, April. Thank you for your support! Our Case Managers were always so amazing! I simply shared the importance of good food and this is what I present to each child. When a child is in our home, we provide the same love and the same real food to every child. We never distinguish or separate out, except for allergies. We let each child know the importance of real food and that we understand the value of good food in making them the best they can be. It generally takes about 2 weeks to change the taste buds and you will begin to see a strong, beautiful, healthy soul emerge. It is not easy, but with gentle words and occasional healthy treats, your child will get it. Most rewarding place when they get it!…And when you see them recover to a new place. Go Momma!

    2. April, it is truly a challenge with children today. I try to only have foods that are healthful in my home. That way I can tell my children that we don’t have that food but we can make something fun. I love that you also did the garden. As long as you always present good food, love, and encouragement, a change will happen. ?❤️ You are doing wonderful!

  12. Hi Mandy,
    I am a new NTP and will be specializing in pediatrics and working at a pediatric chiropractor’s office. I have so much to learn about all this and don’t want to reinvent the wheel as I start my practice. Would you be willing to have a phone appointment with me? Thanks!
    ~Rachel Anderson

    1. Congratulations! Yes, will contact soon.

  13. Hi Mandy,
    I just have to tell you that your work is amazing!! I aspire to be like you:-) As a health consultant in a medical nutritionist office, I see how food can heal. Last year I had a vision to take in foster kids and give them not only a safe place but a nourished body and I have not been able to let it go. So, you can imagine how excited I am to have found your site! I currently have four biological children with our youngest being only 20 mos. so at this time fostering is not an option until he’s 2. I was born and raised on the central coast and consult at an office in SLO County. I see you’re a Cal Poly grad:-). Anyway, just wanted to say you are an inspiration and I can’t wait to read your book!

    1. Hi Tina. So glad to “meet” you. What a small world! You have your hands full. We miss SLO town. Thank you for your kind words. The best advice I received on fostering is to keep the birth order. We made sure our foster child was younger than our youngest. It is a great way to keep order. Enjoy the book! Many blessings.

      1. Thank you for this word of advice! ?

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