Crafts to Keep Kids Busy from 4 – 14 years old

It starts most subtly with, “stop please” and begins to grow into, “That’s mine!”, “Ma-ahm”. What is an easy way out?!

Craft Day

Here we sit in the summer and the afternoon showers are upon us. We’ve played outside (really worked and fed the farm animals), the house chores are done and there’s a stirring among the children.

Crafts! Wonderful Crafts!

A few weeks back we went to the local craft store for preparation of a party. Along the way we found some goodies for the children. We put it in the school room and forgot until today. I figure this is cheaper than a movie and lasts about the same amount of time…maybe longer. These are some of our family tricks that inspire some brain activity and keep life affordable.

You can find these crafts at a local craft store or this is similar,or this. Another option.

Whatever your children pick out, you get to see what interests they have. It is really fun to see what they like as you pass through the choices in the aisle or online;




music, and


With a goal of picking an item under $5 each, we walk out with a $13 receipt for 4 children. The beginning of our projects look like this:

Kid Crafts2

As you leave the room to prepare the next meal, you’ll find a silence that alerts you to check back and verify that no “trouble” is brewing. Everyone stays committed to the task and after 30 minutes the younger ones are nearly done…but so is the dinner preparation. {smile}

The progress continues for the older ones who have a little more detail work.

Kid Crafts 3

It is somewhere around 1 1/2 hours when all is done. We display prominently all masterpieces for the dinner attendees. Consequently, everyone (including me) is feeling rather accomplished.

Cheap. Simple. Educational. Fun.

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