Toothpaste My Husband Likes

Have you thought about toothpaste? We do! After success and my extensive document-type article on Getting Rid of a Cavity, my husband tells me… he really wants a more tasty toothpaste. So here it is…


{DIY} Toothpaste- husband approved

The difference is a sweetener. Of course! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, sweeteners are a problem in our world. Not only from the standpoint of the modification and processing with added synthetics, but we just consume too much. Therefore, I do not recommend this added sugar for regular consumption. Yet, xylitol is a very unique sweetener that actually serves a beneficial purpose for brushing the teeth for a season.

Basically, xylitol is one of a few 5 carbon structure chain sugars. Or technically, a sugar alcohol (which is neither a sugar nor an alcohol). Most sugars have a pairing-6-chain sugar link. Therefore they are stable and sufficient within themselves. (Layman chemistry talk here! Remember I work with children.) But when you have 5, this 5th structure is looking for a pair. And the bacteria in your mouth…well it becomes a magnet for that single structure. Subsequently, this sugar acts as a tool to attract and rid the bacteria from your gums and becomes part of the waste water in the sink, rather than moving through Your digestive system.

Tooth Decay Sugar alcohols are not acted upon by bacteria in the mouth, and therefore do not cause tooth decay.(2) xylitol has been found to inhibit oral bacteria, and is often used in sugarless mints and chewing gums for this reason. The FDA authorizes the use of a health claim in food labeling that sugar alcohols do not promote tooth decay – Source

Even with this information, I highly recommend finding a nonGMO source like this. Also, make my other batch of toothpaste after this runs out. It is important to use a variety in all things.


1/4 C  Baking Soda

1/4 C colored mineral salt, we use Celtic Sea Salt® or Pure Himalayan (not the white refined)

1/4 C Coconut oil to the mix (especially for sensitive teeth)

1/4 C Xylitol

15- 20 drops of essential oils (Peppermint is my husbands favorite flavor) Use a Food Grade essential oil. (Contact us if you would like to information on the oils we use.)

Hope your family enjoys this toothpaste as much as we do. We hope to keep it real, fun, and helpful so you can recover your health!


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