Don’t Eat From That Box or Bag!

Don’t Eat From That Box or Bag!

Ok. For a reality check, I occasionally eat this! Because it’s impossible to be total clean. {smile}

I’ve made a little video parody on the fly…as we do in our family to remind us how to be healthy!

There's No Food

I’m in the closet {a place for secrets} to share a food secret that will help you get A LOT healthier! Now that it is out, let me share our success!

We have found that in ONLY 2-3 months, healing of issues and behavioral improvements are truly noticeable. A major contender of this success is to simply minimize the food we eat from a box or a bag!

I am trying to make a point! It’s not so hard to get your family healthy, isn’t that awesome?!.

Be empowered to give your family health.

We have personally seen so much success from not eating very much from a box. Eat whole foods in their natural state. Nutrient dense foods are at your local farmer’s market.

It’s simple and it’s a trade off in money, so no extra cost. You will not need as much food to feel full because the boxed food doesn’t fill you up.  This parody is generally-speaking about crackers, cookies, chips, etc. Be wary of these products that are so highly processed with additives, preservatives, chemical toxins in smaller amounts and corn which is usually modified with pesticides in order to grow without being killed by the crop spray.

If you want more information on eating healthy, check out THIS. If you don’t like well-treated, respected grass-fed meat, then just make sure you eat lots of dark veggies and take note of the link recommendations.

Eating healthy is achievable because this is healing to your family. This makes the effort an exciting adventure.

We lost a 4 year old child to cancer – which is too young! So we are serious about eating healthy. Have a look around and learn and read our amazing highlighted learnings HERE in “Look What God Painted; Inspired by a Child”.

Your challenge: Don’t eat from that box or bag {as much as possible}! Game on!

Here are some sites to guide you, in addition to Fostering Nutrition, of course:

Be Food Savvy -simple recipes, inspiration, and a class to get healthy before pregnancy

Divine Health From the Inside Out -Connect your body to the food you eat here

Eat Naked -nutritional classes and information to keep the “process” off your food

Healy Eats Real -great food with a recent addition of a little bit of meat

Honest Body -edible medicine and a certified GAPS class for healing you may need

Oh Lardy – realistic approach to healthy choices in the grocery store

The Better Mom – healthy meal planners

The Homestead Garden -all your garden needs and more to help avoid the box

The Paleo Mama -recipes and more

The Prairie HomeStead – going all in; old fashion skills in a modern world

Veggie Converter – a vegetarian married to an omnivore

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition -how to prepare wonderful foods






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Mandy is the force behind the advocacy portal Real Food Recovery. Since losing a 4 yr old to cancer while fostering to adopt, Mandy founded a nonprofit organization recovering children at-risk using fun and real food. As a Mom to birth, foster, and adopted children, author, Nutritional Therapist, & NRT, Mandy shares simple, affordable ways to recover health and to have fun, while supporting your doctor... Connect with Mandy through Twitter and Facebook.
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