The Easy Potato Egg Muffin Meal

Breakfast is such a favorite meal time for us. Especially on the weekends when the peace is a little more present.

The Potato Egg Muffin all local- except the mustard!

Maybe because Daddy is home and we do not work on Saturday! But of all the breakfasts, this is one of our mainstay meals:

The Potato Egg Muffin

This meal is super simple and filling. We try to eat local and this “fits the bill” with all the food farmed and purchased local and non-GMO…except the mustard (which I would love to make).

Are you ready yet?! I hope you enjoy this potato egg dish as much as our family.


4-5 potatoes

Egg for each family member

Bunch of Garlic Chives or leeks


Seasoning (We like garlic, Mineral Salt we use, splash of cayenne powder)

Good  Saturated Fat (Coconut Oil we use, Red Palm Oil, or Ghee) to grease the muffin pan.


Chop or blend potatoes and place in a well greased muffin pan.

Place in the oven for 20 minutes at 350°F.

While the potatoes are baking, whisk the eggs and add your seasoning.

With potatoes mostly cooked, remove them from the oven and pour the raw, whisked eggs on top.

Place back into the oven and watch closely.

These muffins should be done between 10-20 minutes based on your altitude. Cooking too long makes the egg taste horrible, so check the center of the muffin and when it is soft but not raw, remove immediately.

Let the egg rest/cool for a few minutes. Carefully run a butter knife around the perimeter of the potato egg muffin to release it from the pan.

Place lettuce (or any Glamorous Green) on the plate.

Put the potato egg muffin on top and accessorize with garlic chives, fermented foods and mustard. A great complimentary dish is a Raw Vegan Carrot Cake Thickie.  For more amazing thickies, Check out this book.


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