Eliminate Parasites Naturally with Papaya

Adult talk here…we all have to eliminate parasites at some point. That’s why we all need to know…

How to Eliminate Parasites Naturally

Eliminate Parasites Naturally

Although this is a tough piece of information, we need to understand this is a normal balance-act. When we eat organic, minimize eating out, and clean our home naturally…our immune systems are strong, but somehow we find preventative care necessary to eliminate parasites.

In a class I once took, the teacher stated that Parasites are evil! They can’t survive unless they have a good host. So of course, parasites love organic healthy hosts…ugh! When I began to help others through Nutritional Therapy, it was shocking how many of us have parasites at some time or another.

We wash and soak our fruit (and all produce!) very well using 2 drops of lemon oil in a sink full of the cleanest water.

The “AHA” on Parasites

The biggest thing I’ve personally experienced is that…Anything can Cause Anything! I’ve seen someone who couldn’t walk well with joint pain get better in 1 week and walk normally once we removed parasites. In many children we have experienced first hand a child’s behavior dramatically improved by removing parasites. The list goes on. And yes, we do inspect the poo in the confines of a toilet.

We certainly do not want to talk about it too much, so let’s just get rid of them, shall we?!

There are many ways to eliminate parasites, but in this article, we will share a family practice we keep almost daily, to rid the intestinal gut of parasites. This is a gentle aid and targeted. Papaya will not kill off good bacteria like Silver which is a very effective antibiotic. Please note: we only use silver in reactive cases; e.g., bad colds or open cuts, and no more than 10 days.

Benefits of Papaya

Papaya, Oh my-a! So yummy and beneficial. But don’t throw away the seeds. The seeds are the magic here. They are potent and have terrific qualities. Be careful not to buy the Hawaiian, which are mostly modified. Get the non-GMO and organic. We get our papaya locally from neighbors or farmer’s markets.

Here are some of the nutritional qualities for the whole papaya fruit:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 & C
  • Aids digestion (papain) to reduce heartburn and indigestion
  • Reduces inflammatory bowel disorders
  • The leaves are used to tenderize meat

And here are specific benefits of the Papaya Seeds!

  • Chinese Medicine states that 1 tsp of papaya seeds detoxify the liver
  • Studies show that the seeds are able to help the kidneys remove overwhelming toxins
  • The anti-bacterial properties are effective against e.coli, salmonella, and staph infections.
  • And wait for it…wait…Papaya Seeds actually eradicate intestinal parasites!!!!

Source: Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Phyllis A. Balch CNC and J Med Food, 2007 Mar;10(1):194-6. Effectiveness of dried Carica papaya seeds against human intestinal parasitosis: a pilot study. Okeniyi JA1, Ogunlesi TA, Oyelami OA, Adeyemi LA.

But I can’t eat the seeds!…you say. Well, actually, you can. Here is a cool trick learned from a trip to Costa Rica where our neighbor taught us not to waste anything! Remember that seeds are much stronger than the fruit, so dashes are very effective in our bodies.

The Treatment – How to Make Papaya Pepper

1. Gather all the seeds from a papaya.

2. Soak them in water with a bit of salt on a cookie sheet over night or about 7 hours. (this will remove any stringy fiber pieces as well)

3. Drain the water and spread the seeds back on the cookie sheet

4. Place in the oven at 170º F

5. They should be ready after 4-5 hours. (should look like hard crinkled peppercorns!)

Papaya Pepper

We simply put the seeds in a grinder like this one. And voila!

Papaya Pepper.

It has a very gentle taste, almost like a sweet black pepper. We put it on everything including this which also detoxifies your body naturally.

Hope you enjoy recovering with Real Food.

Papaya Pepper

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8 thoughts on “Eliminate Parasites Naturally with Papaya

  1. What is the protocol for using papaya seeds / papaya pepper (?) to remove intestinal parasites (what form, dosage – how much, how long, etc…?

    1. Great question, Emily! You could go forward and take a good teaspoon a day (for example) but Parasites are constantly coming in and going out. So it really depends on your immune system and how many you have. Think of it in 80%/20% mode. You want only 20% bad pathogens. Therefore, when papaya is in season simply harvest all the seeds of your papaya. We put them in our mill and add to our food to taste. Pepper is a fairly strong herb, so the dashes you add will increase the detox of parasites and get your body in balance.

  2. Which are more effective at removing intestinal parasites … fresh or dried and ground? I’ve just thrown a few fresh ones in my moring veggie blend and they tasted ‘ok’ that way? Thank you 😀

    1. Nicola, We have always dried and made peppers to add throughout the day to our dishes instead of black pepper. Not quite as noticeable. 🙂 I’m sure the fresh peppers are just as effective. That’s a great idea. May try it with turmeric and veggies in the morning.

  3. Can you just swallow the seeds whole, like taking a pill? If so, how many?

    1. Vicki, that is an interesting idea. We enjoy the taste so much that we grind and use for pepper. The studies show 20 ml or about 5 tsp of an elixir made with honey helped cure parasites in Nigerian children and the chinese use 1 teaspoon to help the liver detox. It’s a food that is potent, so a little goes a long way. So I wouldn’t swallow too many as it is pretty strong. The only question I would have is that without grinding, I am unsure if the body can digest it and therefore utilize the benefits.

  4. We’re traveling in our RV and don’t have a way to bake the seeds right now. Is there any other way we could dry them out? (No dehydrator either )

    1. I’ve not tried Allyson, but there must be a way. Maybe on a towel spread out under the sun. You need enough heat to dry within a few hours.

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