What about the Epidemic Diseases in Children?!

The picture at the bottom haunts me. I never want to forget how smart a 2-year old is and how very REAL it is that epidemic diseases are infecting our children. In this photo, my little foster son tells me, “Mommy, I do not want to go inside and do this chemo again” as I try to document our journey with neuroblastoma cancer.

epidemic diseases in our kids

I put down the camera and cry out right there in front of every onlooker. In this moment, it does not matter that I’m suppose to be a strong Mom, because I don’t want to go in there again either. It is our third chemotherapy treatment and will cost $500,000 for a less than 10% success. If we run away will I get in trouble? Can we escape this?

Very few seem to be asking the right questions today. Everyone wants to know what to take to stop a symptom. The epidemic diseases we are facing require lifestyle changes. Specifically, children born from 2000; 1 in 5  have cancer and 1 in 3  have diabetes. Source: Center for Disease Control and prevention 2003, and Center for Disease Control Report 2011

No one says it better than Joel Salatin: Folks, this Ain’t Normal. When I hear and see the talk about finding the cure, the next best drug, my thoughts are wired to evaluate,

“How can I take better take care of the earth, which will take care of us.”

Diseases are not getting better, but worse, therefore we must be united and seek ways to get more natural.

What are we doing different today than we did 100 years ago-when heart disease and cancer were rare?

We wash our hands in surgery and delivery rooms, so we’ve overcome that epidemic rather simply. But how do we undo the diseases our children have, that were formerly reserved for older people?

Since food has been successful for me in working with foster kids and orphans, this is a great starting place.  Eating whole foods, not refined sugars and breads, enabled our family and each foster child to improve.

The consumption of food has changed drastically and it continues to change. We live in a time where we want to eat fast, convenient foods, which means eating highly processed food. Additionally, studies show that the average person eats almost 20 times more sugar than 100 years ago!

Unfortunately our children are young and vulnerable and therefore affected the greatest with these choices we are making. face incredible odds against their precious health.

Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, or gall bladder, talk to your doctor about working with a holistic nutritionist. Together we can find better ways to live and prevent what is happening today with our children.

Here are some fast tips for good ingredients that will support your body. And know these great options for fighting cancer disease!

There is a better way together.



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