Faster Recovery when using Supplements

Faster Recovery with Supplements

Our Pediatrician is very open minded and offers a variety of supplements and tinctures. She thinks about the many ways to find healing. I consider her to be a great partner in optimal health for my children.

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, with certifications in Traditional Foods, NRT- muscle testing, and an activist for foster/ orphan children; I’m always looking for faster recovery for the immune system…faster.

With all the doctors we visit, there comes a point where it all begins to merge for me as a parent and practitioner. A little timing change makes a huge difference and speeds up success for immune building.

Supplement Options

In the pediatric office, there is a whole section of: Chinese herbals, thought provoking material, tinctures, and  supplements. As I begin to read the material on Chinese herbals, there is a lot of information on meridian cycles for our body and organs. Interestingly, the Chinese body cycle reminds me of the Farmer’s Almanac on planting a garden based on the moon’s cycle. The Chinese hold this truth and in our travels to China, we learn even more about this body meridian cycle. We learn that it is commonly accepted as a fact within the medical community that each organ has a cycle in which to “clean”.

With access to many brands of supplements, finding organic, gluten and dairy free, seem to improve the game of boosting the immune faster. However, good rest and proper food/ food supplements may not be enough for acute situations. We have been using oils before it became the MLM craze, but find the clean options and convenience exist in these as well. I use these for our foster kid efforts through our nonprofit.

Additionally, we have discovered a way to allow even better support utilizing the meridian cycle included below!

A Real Secret to faster Recovery!

The Chinese people we met shared (and my friends who are acupuncturists)  that there are 12 meridians at work in our bodies. Each meridian within our body takes a 2-hour “lead”within the 24-hour day. This information is used to guide us make better decisions-  when to; eat, sleep, and exercise. It really is fascinating how well our bodies work without us commanding or even knowing it. We are just designed so perfectly.

Therefore, as I  learn more about the meridians, I decide to take it a step further. One day a family member says that he has over 20 kidney stones and they have been there for many years. Next, a thought came to me that the kidney meridian is between 5-7 pm every day.  So, I asked him to take his kidney support supplements along with his other specific protocol supplements between 5-7 pm each day for 5 days. He had just been to the doctor and was going again in a few weeks. It is the best moment for this experiment. He wasn’t on any medications, they just scheduled to do a vibration treatment over the kidneys to get rid of the stones that had been there for 10 years.

Well, he took these supplements and felt better the next week. Although he called me with threats because of the tartness of the supplement. The truly amazing part is that at his check up, the doctor stated that he did not see his kidney stones any more!

It has now worked many times for many people and we notice faster results.

Below is the “organ in mode” on this cycle. If you are interested in more detail, go online and look up Meridian Organ Clock and have fun.

Times We Take Supplements based on Indication

7-9 a.m.         Stomach

9-11 a.m.        Pancreas

11-1 p.m.         Heart

1-3  p.m.         Small Intestines

3-5  p.m.         Bladder

5-7  p.m.         Kidney

7-9  p.m.         Circulation

9-11  p.m.       Endocrine System (regulates hormones; affects puberty, diabetes, etc.)

11-1 a.m.         Gall Bladder

1-3 a.m.           Liver

3-5 a.m.          Lung (respiratory, cough, wheeze,…)

5-7 a.m.          Large Intestines

Now you know one of our tips for a faster recovery. Try taking your supplements and/or oils in the meridian time-frame of the compromised organ; e.g., bladder infection, take your supplement(s) between 3-5 pm. And, if I wake or your child wakes up during the night, we take the recommended  supplement at this time. Besides, there must be a reason to wake up so we “go with it”. See if it works for you, it has been amazing for us.

I work with several doctors, but you are responsible for your health. I have the disclaimers, but seek local health advisors and look for the more naturally minded folks.

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2 thoughts on “Faster Recovery when using Supplements

  1. I knew that the body has miraculous ways of healing naturally, but I wasn’t aware of the timing involved. This is fascinating. I’ve noticed many, many times that things have healed while I was sleeping. This will be interesting seeing any differences the timing of supplements creates. Thank you!

    1. Luanne, it made healing faster for us. Hope it helps you too!

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