Fastest Way to Stop a Cough & Build Immune

Want to blow a Cough right out of existence?

Here is a Fast Way to Stop a Cough and Build the Immune System that works for our family!

We call it Lemorick!

For years we have been making a great little drink to boost immune, stop a cough, and stave off any upset tummies. However, recently my friend Svetlana visited and had this very treat…but it was better. She asked why I was not using the whole lemon.

Instantly, I realized the benefit lost by not including the nutrients of an organic rind. So now we have the:

Cleansing and Vitamin C benefit of lemon (more on WebMD),

Blood purification of turmeric, (more on WebMD)

Digestion assistance with ginger, (more on WebMD) and

The anti-bacterial sweetness of raw local honey (more on WebMD).

We’ve now added the riboflavin of the lemon rind to help digestive absorption and more.

The result is a more applesauce consistency. We use a great industrial grade blender like this or this.


4 Lemons, quartered and seeds removed (seeds make it too bitter for our family)

1/2 inch knob of Turmeric

1/4-1/2 knob of Ginger

1/2 -1 Cup of raw Honey (not for our babies) or Maple Syrup


Place all ingredients into the blender. Select a “sauce” speed and go!

We pour it into shot glasses. Everyone knows it is a bit spicy, so we brace ourselves. We try not to consume too much sweetener, but it certainly tastes better with more.The more honey you add the less spicy, so you may want to do as my friend. She adds 1 cup of honey and it’s as good as applesauce.

We take it throughout the day when a flu or cold is trying to invade us! This is a great kickstart to recover from many respiratory ailments. The next step would be to have a lot of broth. Here is our favorite for soothing the gut.

Happy health! Hope you enjoy this Real Food Recovery. We’d love to hear your ideas on our pages!

Stop A Cough!


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2 thoughts on “Fastest Way to Stop a Cough & Build Immune

  1. Can this be stored in the fridge? How long does it last?

    1. Yes, this can be stored in the fridge. I don’t know how long it would last, but these ingredients should last at least a month. We have never had it last more than 2 weeks. When one person coughs, we give it to everyone! I’ve had lemon and honey on the countertop last several months.

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