Fundraiser for Orphans and Children’s Homes

Fundraiser Event for Children We Support with Real Food Recovery

Mark your calendars! Before we close the contract on this beautiful, more biodynamic home, we want to showcase our style at BLUMESTONE for anyone wanting to renovate to a “greener” home. And since our passion is helping change the world for foster kids and orphans, we want to take the opportunity to involve the community. After years of working with orphans and foster kids, we’ve migrated to a wonderful place where we can genuinely make a difference.

 Fundraiser for Foster Kids

Look at all the local venues supporting this effort! These prizes are amazing and from some of the best places to go in St. Petersburg! Buying raffle tickets allows you to win; tea, coffee, delicious and healthful meals, hair cuts, treats, crepes and more.

Local Business Support

We are super thankful for this outpouring of support from some of St. Petersburg finest venues:

Blush Tea + Coffee, Brass Bowl, Cassis, Fresh Kitchen, Glenn Family Bakery, Marina’s Body Retreat, Neighborhood Joes, Rollin’ Oats, Salon Color Bar, Southside Coffee, Wooden Rooster

Truly, the stories of our volunteer work with these children are incredible. But you’ll have to join us to hear all that’s happening.

However, we can give you a little peek in this video of how we hope to raise awareness of the need with foster kids in the St. Petersburg, Florida, community. We hope that together, we can make a more significant difference for these 3,000 kids in Pinellas County.

Making a Difference

Over the course of volunteering, we discovered a non-controversial way to help foster kids is to; provide less processed food, and education via weekly classes on how to make better choices. Consequentially, this effort is creating a noticeable difference in the behavior and strength of these children. Our construction company, along with our cookbook, has been supporting foster kids and orphans for 11 years now.

Come join us for our first, ever Community Fundraiser Event for; fun, furniture, food, and a taste of how we want the world to be.


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