Get Foster Children Healthy Fast and Naturally!

Our children are sick and we:

Finding ways to Get Foster Children Healthy Fast and Naturally!

How to Heal Foster Children Fast


By accident, we discover how fast it is for a child to heal from most illnesses…When we begin fostering children, we really got a sense of the value of good, real food. When a child can’t speak well or read, yet they can tell you the name of every Fast Food Restaurant you pass…well, we take that as a huge clue for one cause of the overwhelming indications of foster children. For us, every foster child came into our home with a nasty cough, antibiotics or a list of appointments.

It’s no secret that children are pretty sick today. Ask any school teacher or read the many studies. There is a connection to behavior and the gut health. One study, “The microbiome-gut-brain axis: from bowel to behavior”, outlines how behavior-based issues connect to the gut’s composition. However, foster children are even more sick due to the trauma experienced.

Source: Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2011 Mar;23(3):187-92. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2982.2010.01664.x.

Foster Children Heal Fast

As seen on Kelly the Kitchen Kop, many other issues are at stake for our health that are included on this website. But, when you love children so much and then you choose to foster children, this takes on a whole new meaning. The stress these children have gone through while eating a Standard American Diet; we knew our food would have an impact. We just didn’t realize how big of an impact. The benefit we have seen through Fostering and Adoption is Amazing! When you simply provide real food, miracles happen!

Of the few children we foster and love, each one had a real sickness. Behavior issues spanning from minor to difficult. But the coolest part of this story is:


We help every single child improve! With a little respect, love, and real food (like Nourishing Traditions), improvements occur in just a couple of weeks. We saw major improvements in 2 months. Our Case Manager and Guardian Ad Litem (appointed through the State) would get excited to see the progress of our children!

It is the exact same excitement when you change to a real food diet as a family! Everyone gets a little less grumpy. Ha! And everyone gets some rosy color in the cheeks. And everyone fills in or thins out in the right places!

In our case, we are able to see lots of foster children heal. Many times a child would come in so off-balance that there was a temper tantrum every hour. Literally, there was a 2-year-old child that could not talk and after a few days, he spoke quite well. A few children had serious diaper rashes that would disappear after a week. Difficult behavior, colds, coughs; the list goes on, but these symptoms vastly improve with a real food diet.

Dealing with the ImPossible

We even received a boy with cancer which was clearly the most difficult. In between chemotherapy treatment, the oncologists were amazed at his health improvement. This was our genesis for starting our nonprofit, Real Food Recovery; website, book, and all Social Media. All money we make from these venues support our efforts 100% with these kids. We want to share with everyone willing to change, how to get healthy. Read more here.  We are also very hopeful that we can connect more health-minded families to these sweet orphaned [Foster] children.

Now Real Food Recovery creates menus, teaches classes, and provides fun empowerment every week for local children at Risk and Orphan Homes.

One thing is for certain; it will never get boring to watch children heal! And especially with these precious children who need a loving family and some good nourishing food. It helps us remember to enjoy each day we have with our family. We have fun, eat well, and this gives us the ability to handle eating out and grandparent spoiling time! 🙂


How to Heal Foster Children Fast

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