Get Rid of a Cavity and Make Toothpaste

Get Rid of a Cavity.

Get Rid of a Cavity and {DIY} Toothpaste

We need to get rid of a cavity. It is so disappointing when you are healthy, organic, using only honey (and very little) and you go to the dentist to discover you have a CAVITY! And so does your child! Ugh. Probably because we’ve been chewing our supplements and not brushing well.

For all the reasons we try to figure it out, the fact remains that we have a little rot in a tooth and the bad bacteria has taken over an area. Now we have 3 months to prove to our dentist that we can re-mineralize our teeth and restore the damage.

The great news is WE DID IT!

***Because I get lots of questions on the specific items we use, I have tried to link it all for both visuals on product and more information on our approach. As a mom, any of these will help.

Here is how we got rid of a cavity in 3 months:

  1. Eliminate all sugar and refined breads in your diet
  2. Start making bone broth and keep it going (these are the minerals!) Drink a mug or two a day.
  3. Drink Raw Milk (natural probiotic and minerals) if dairy free for recovery try probiotics
  4. Oil Pulling; swish this Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil each morning for 15 minutes. Do Not oil pull if you have metal fillings or braces. This will pull metals out into your system! Otherwise, spit the oil into a jar and close; this is toxic material that WILL CLOG YOUR SINK. Seriously!
  5. Be committed to brush your teeth morning and night, especially AFTER Oil Pulling.
  6. Use the best natural toothpaste {DIY}-tasty and easy recipe below without any toxins
  7. Use a little toothbrush that you can actually brush around each tooth, like thisIf you have metal fillings or braces, only use Colloidal Silver.
  8. Use a cold laser, if you can afford. This activates the tissue cells to begin communicating (unusual but it works!) This is NASA stuff!  Cold Laser Light
  9. Take 1 Tbsp of a good emulsified fish oil every day. Like this Cod Liver Oil, my children prefer orange flavor.
  10. Consider adding a good cell salt like  Bioplasma Tablets. These cell salts work on a cellular level adding minerals. We did 5 per day (dropped from the lid, so we didn’t touch) first thing before food.

It’s really exciting because no one ever told me you could get rid of a cavity. I just knew that we had done something to cause it and could find a way to restore it. A little more effort, much less cost, and we get to avoid adding artificial materials into our mouth.

It is also worthy to note that we fostered a little girl that had severe issues with her gums and teeth. She didn’t have cavities, but needed surgery from bad gums. We supplemented with fish oil, cold laser, CoQ10. The Case Manager noticed a difference within 1 week.

Amazingly Simple and Effective Homemade Toothpaste

1 part Baking Soda

1 part colored mineral salt, we use Celtic Sea Salt® or Pure Himalayan (not the white refined)

For a creamy paste: 1 part Coconut oil to the mix (especially for sensitive teeth). If you skip oil pulling, this will ensure you do not strip your teeth.

15 drops of essential oils (You can contact us and we will be glad to share what we use) of food grade peppermint, cinnamon, etc..

Get Rid of a Cavity and DIY toothpaste

Dig your toothbrush into the jar and allow the soft bristles to catch a bit of the paste. 

Spray or pour a little hydrogen peroxide (or Colloidal Silver Mist if you have braces or fillings) onto the toothbrush.

This is our simple and very effective toothpaste!

These are the steps used. And here is the magic!

Brush at a 45 degree angle around each gum of the tooth. This is where the bad bacteria causes damage. You are primarily brushing your gums, then the teeth.

Get Rid of a cavity

These are signs to look for in your mouth. Expect red puffy gums for a week or two and possibly some bleeding. Be gentle and brush slowly. Your gums will improve so be patient. After a month of diligence, your gums will turn a pale pink and hopefully you will begin to see your cavity re-mineralize. If you forget and have a hard time getting into the routine, it will simply take longer…but don’t give up.

After 3 months, we went back to the dentist, and my cavity is gone! Yahoo! It seems that it was better after 2 months. If your cavity is deep, prepare for more time to restore.

My son is better, but not completely restored. Partly, I believe, because I need to help him more and he may eat more gluten-free breads than me! This is processed food, but I concede occasionally so my children don’t feel deprived. But the point is that he is healing and our dentist/orthodontist is amazed! We also found a more holistically minded dentist who has taught us so much.

Happy Brushing!

Get Rid of a Cavity and DIY toothpaste

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32 thoughts on “Get Rid of a Cavity and Make Toothpaste

  1. When you say, “Caution: If you have metal fillings or braces, use Colloidal Silver! You don’t want to pull metals out into your system.”… Do you mean use Colloidal Silver INSTEAD OF hydrogen peroxide, or IN ADDITION to it?

    1. Thank you, Gail, for the clarity. I will update the post. Use Colloidal Silver INSTEAD of hydrogen peroxide. CS does not pull the metal.

      1. Hi Mandy,

        Your post states: do not do ‘oil pulling’ with metal in your mouth (fillings or braces) because it pulls it into your body.
        What do you suggest doing instead, I really enjoy oil pulling each morning before brushing my teeth.

        Thanks for sharing,


        1. Kay- our holistic dentist recommends colloidal silver. It kills bacteria but doesn’t pull metal from teeth into your body. Seems counter-intuitive, but it has not caused any issues for our child with braces.

  2. For a child on lifelong warfarin( just some of the side effects incl.dry mouth,decrease in bone density, etc) and mouth full of silver caps, would this toothpaste be beneficial?His dentist at hospital only recommends adult toothpaste(with high content of fluoride). Thanks

    1. Dilber, I am so sorry about the warfarin. Lifelong medication is certainly not what any of us wants. And warfarin is a tough one because many foods and minerals can alter the effect of this drug and therefore the viscosity of blood. This is certainly a great concern. I would never advise against your dentist. 🙂 I would at the very least, find an organic version to minimize the “sludge” of the fluorides used in many toothpastes. Then I would look up a holistic dentist in your area to get comfortable. Baking soda is high in sodium and celtic salt (thus high in minerals) which have value but you do not want to play around with a warfarin. You must keep a balance in your body, so check with your doctor prescribing warfarin. The fluoride reduces the intake of calcium and vice versa, so that is why the teeth are impacted. Let me know what they say..I am curious. Best wishes for you all. Here are some dental links.

      1. Good day to you! I am a dental hygienist & thoroughly believe in holistic dentistry, but make no mistake, if it is a true “through the enamel & into the dentin cavity” they DO NOT heal. However, if it is PARTIALLY through the enamel it can remineralize. Please be sure your readers know this fact & do not misunderstand what you’re saying. Thank you for your responsible reporting.

        1. Thank you, Linda. I am the eternal optimist and believe that what can be done, can also be undone. I don’t know how far our cavities were, but this is a great clarification for readers.

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  4. I used to brush with this everyday because I had read about it on a dentist’s website – then suddenly, I had large painful sores in my mouth that lasted for days. This was after months of using this method, and I don’t believe it had anything to do with the sores – I think it was related to other aspects of my health. Anyway, I still emailed the dentist’s office, & he said of COURSE you’re only supposed to use this for a few days, not months! Well, there was nothing about it being a short term method & several things that inferred you should do it forever. He told me it would strip the enamel from my teeth. What do you think about that? I have been making my own tooth powder for a long time now, but my teeth are not a white as they were, & my gums hurt a lot. They never hurt during the months that I was using the baking soda/salt/peroxide.

    1. Goodness, Robyn, that’s awful. Baking soda can certainly be stripping, so it is something to ponder. Our holistic dentist did not say short term either. None of us have had this issue after two years of doing this. But…we also do oil pulling with sesame/coconut oil which balances the mix to remineralize and stabilize the baking soda. I’ll edit post for sensitivities to make a paste adding coconut oil. Also, we put only a little bit on our brush and really s.l.o.w.l.y brush around our gums. Thanks for your feedback, hope adding the oil helps. If you have a holistic natural chiropractor or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner around, it might be worth a visit. Teeth are related to other issues. Check out this site on teeth systemic connection and my findings on timings Hoping this will help you heal! Blessings in your quest.

  5. Would love the correct amount to make the natural toothpaste. I find the listed amounts to be to vague using the amount “part”. What is the amount of “part”.

    Thank you for helping to clarify this.


  6. Jill, my current container has 1/3 C Coconut oil, 1/3 C Himalyan salt, 1/3 C Baking Soda, 7 drops wild orange essential oil and 8 drops On Guard ( which is a blend with cinnamon, clove…) Hope you enjoy! Take time to blend well. It will taste salty, but you are putting in minerals and killing bacteria. Our mouths feel so fresh after brushing.

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  8. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was at a teaching hospital being primarily seen by Residents and when they put me on Lovenox, they forgot to put me on a calcium and vitamin D supplement, and by the time I switched to a more holistic practice in the 20th week and they backed off my dose by half and added Oscal, I was pretty sure I already had a cavity forming on a molar. I wish I found this article sooner! But, I plan to follow these instructions religiously because I am terrified of dental procedures and have never had a cavity before. To clarify, no sugar, are you talking about even in whole fruits or just no added sugar, like in processed foods?

    1. Gosh, Jaclyn! It’s crazy how we all work on fixing one issue and if we don’t look holistically, we end up with another issue. Thank you for sharing because maybe someone else can be sure to take the calcium and vitamin D! I always feel that way…wishing I’d found it sooner. We probably find it when we are ready {smiling}.

      There may be some give and take on the sugar. I was hard core and my cavity was in beginning stages so not a lot of density loss. No sugar, organic, honey, no bread, processed food,etc…I did have an apple a few times. It fully restored in just a couple of months. My son had a bit more (sneaking up honey with apple!) and it has taken him 6+ months to fully restore his tooth. Once restored I have enjoyed let go a bit and enjoy all things healthy; peaches, bananas, honey. However, I am more aware of balance and I try to brush before bed. We have a cup of meat stock/broth {almost} every day. Good news is that we can all recover, at some level, so finding it later is really O.K.

      1. can you clarify: the toothpaste recipe with coconut oil is fine to use Ieven if you have metal fillings? Just do not do the oil pulling,if you have metal fillings or braces? Or can you do the pulling and just spit out after? When are you using the colloidal silver ? Are you substituting it for what? Love to use natural methods. Just do not want to create more problems. ThNks jean

        1. Hi, Jean. Here is the way our new dentist explained it to us. With metal fillings/braces: no -oil pulling, No -Hydrogen peroxide. Yes -Colloidal silver on brush with coconut oil and baking soda to brush. Oil pulling is a slow push/pull through the teeth and this draws out toxins including metals. If you have metals put on your teeth, an inordinate amount of metals could be pulled out and distributed through out your body. Hope that clarifies. Watch Ray Behm DDS on you tube. Very educational. Blessings.

  9. Great info, though I feel I must add that I almost ruined my teeth w/baking soda. It made my gums bleed profusely… it created little cuts, or so it looked like it around my teeth at the gum line. I also had a patch on the front of a tooth from botched braces (as in the ortho did a horrid job) & the b soda literally scratched/rubbed the filling right off my tooth & I had to have it repatched. My children’s dentist said b soda is too harsh on teeth & I experienced that 1st hand, even when just using a SOFT toothbrush.

    I would never use it on teeth now except for maybe once in a great while…& even then I am super cautious & nervous about it. I also OP w/coconut oil.

  10. There is nothing natural about consuming the breastmilk of another animal. Especially when that animals was artificially inseminated and then had their baby forced from them so YOU could give it to YOUR child.

    Please, watch Cowspiracy and Earthlings. There is nothing healthy or sustainable about consuming animals products.

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  12. […] I found a simple recipe on Pinterest for diy toothpaste.  Going to give it a […]

  13. I’m so confused about cod liver oil. I have read that it is now known to be completely rancid. Have you seen that? What could be a substitute for cod liver oil?

    1. Liz, there is a lot of information on the web and it can certainly be confusing. Simply put, each individual is so different and uniquely made. Therefore, there will never be a one protocol that fixes everyones problems. However, there are trends. Note the variety of products shared on this article to get rid of a cavity. And even still there are a few who share that they have tried the baking soda and had a real issue with it. These individuals may have a more alkaline or strong acidic disposition and therefore baking soda doesn’t work for them. Now more specifically, let me share the fish oil dilemma. In my experience with the children we work with half use fermented fish oil (and from Green Pastures) while half can’t use the fermented. I have only seen a couple out of 100s of children who couldn’t take either. These children could take flax oil. It’s the anti-inflammatory benefit that helps activate cells to function you want from this product. Hope this helps you find your magic!

  14. gluten free breads are still processed white breads

    1. Agree for the most part, Lisa. We have a bread in my book made with plantains and I consider that to be a great gluten free option. Here is the link if interested:

  15. I’m so confused about baking soda is it the same as bicarbonate of soda?

    1. Yes, it’s the same Lizzie. <3

  16. What if I have metal plates in my jaw from surgery in 1996? Should I avoid anything?! Just reading the comments and I’ve been using paste and oil pulling fir a week. Am I releasing medal or no bebause the metal isn’t in my teeth. Thank you.

    1. I wouldn’t think that pulling would go that deep. But you could always ask your healthcare provider to make sure. It’s such a great way to cleanse.

  17. Hello,
    What is your advice on adding turmeric to your toothpaste recipe. Do I need to alter any other ingredients? I am trying to take my health back by starting with my teeth. I have had bleeding gums on and off. I am terrified to do any oral surgery, due to a bad experience in the dentist office. Nowadays, I have my dentist just clean my teeth without any numbing medicine. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated!

    1. You could certainly try and see how it feels. My concern would be that it would stain your teeth really yellow. I’m only sharing what we learned from a great holistic dentist and it was the way you brush as much as these ingredients. I’ve seen some adding clay, as it pulls out toxins. Just this little change should give you a noticeable improvement.

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