Getting the Toxins Out of Our Bodies


Over the years being a mom and volunteer for so many foster children, I see the value getting toxins out and how this helps maintain great health. The challenge is to make this inviting and fun so we can be preventative instead of reactive. As parents, we find it is much easier to prevent a problem instead of trying to heal from an indication.

Toxins out with Flowers, radish, kohlrabi, daikon radish, sugar cane

As a strong believer in eating good fats and protein, I’m all about balance. Not just vegetables, not just meat and fats, and certainly not all starchy carbohydrates. A balanced meal provides co-factors which helps the nutrients of the foods become more absorbable. Plus we are satiated better when fats are consumed with veggies and meat. Since there are six of us and we try to support a local orphanage too, and buy the most organic foods; getting full on less food is a great help for our belly and our budget.

Maggie- toxins out
This week’s discussion [and salads] was made fun by Maggie with the Reading Room Gardens, and she has a real green thumb. We had tangy red flowers, savory butterfly [blue] pea flowers, crispy radishes with zing, buttery crunchy kohlrabi, and finished by chewing whole sugar cane pieces.
Maggie was the gardener for the former, farm to Table restaurant, Reading Room. Now she maintains the gardens and chooses to support foster kids with some of her bounty. It’s impressive to see the bounty she has created in this small space, with her magical touch.

The Foods that help Remove Toxins

The flowers contain highly efficient enzymes which are also beautiful in salads or on the platter.

Radishes are the best food I’ve experienced for removing toxins. It is terrific for cleaning the pipes of our bodies; many pharmaceuticals use the isolates of the radish. The crunch and phytochemicals transform a salad or raw platter of veggies with ranch into a gentle detox planchette.

chewing sugar cane - toxins

The last fun food is Maggie’s homegrown Sugar Cane. The foster kids had never seen a sugar cane stick before. First, a few hard hits cut through the cane. Next, a very careful cut to peel the exterior encasement. Lastly, the smaller pieces are cut to chew. When you chew the pieces, the juice releases in your mouth with a perfect balance of sweet and not-too-sweet. In its whole form, sugar actually has benefits for your body, especially the brain cells.

sugar can stick- toxins

We really enjoy bringing a lot of new whole foods to the foster home and are truly thankful for Maggie’s donation from her hard work!

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