Give Clothes to Foster and Orphan Children

We have so many clothes in our closet! How blessed are my children. Between Grandparents, friends, and our purchases we usually have plenty of clothes that are not even worn because they outgrow or the close get buried in the pile. These are the clothes that remain in great condition. When we began to Foster, we realize how important it is to:

Give Clothes to Foster and Orphan Children

Why Not Give Clothes to Children

I Don’t Want a Child Right Now, but I Want to Help!

Not everyone wants to Foster or adopt a child! Crazy, huh?! {smile} And there are so many organizations in which to give. Really everyone has an opportunity to be blessed and fulfill this good deed. We use to simply drop off our extra “everything” to the local Goodwill Store. This is great but there are other options.

Ask your local Children’s Homes or Orphan Homes what they need. Children are always coming through these homes. Having your own set of clothes is really a great thing. So don’t throw out those clothes or nicer items that you just don’t need…find a local home for children and drop off a nice box of “happy” for these children. It’s another way to help out! And the great thing is…you can do it throughout the year and make everyday a holiday!

Resources where you can help these amazing children!

Generally speaking, you are not able to see these children for their protection. But be assured that they will love the gifts you bring!

These sites will also give you options to Foster and Adopt. The classes you may take from state to state will vary. We were required a 10 week class and an inspection of our home to ensure the refrigerator was the right temperature range, the areas were clean, and much more.

Here are the resources that we know:

Northeast Area

Select your state from the map and scroll down for Agencies in your area

Gulf Coast Jewish Family 


Please let me know if you have some other great resources!

Have fun cleaning out those closets and remember to eat real food to keep your bodies strong.

Have you thought give clothes to Foster / orphaned children?





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