Glamorous Greens! plus a Secret

Greens are a must to the human diet.

Having a farm is busy. Supporting 4 children and a renovating extraordinaire husband is fun! When we had a booth at our favorite Farmer’s Market, everyone always asked, “How do I cook greens, I don’t like them!” Well, here is our secret!


I wonder if we hadn’t experienced the difficulty of a foster child with cancer; would we eat so consciously? Would we eat this many greens? Somehow difficulties cause us to learn so much more! I wish I could learn without the difficulty…sigh. Maybe my sharing will inspire and empower you.

As a society, we seem to have moved so far away from eating simple, green, leafy, vegetables. Eating these whole foods prepared with very little effort is both nutritious and healthful. So I am building the case and making it delicious.

The Case for Green Vegetables and their inherent Glamor!

Salads are a great daily practice, but with the soil depleted, the value of getting more nutrient-dense vegetables becomes paramount to our health. Therefore, our family works hard to incorporate more dark, leafy, greens too.

What does nutrient dense mean anyway? In order to really recover health our standard is higher than the USDA 2011 publication, and we found the Weston A. Price Guideline best. Here is an article that defines “nutrient dense” pretty well.

Without going through all the different components of each vegetable, it seems useful to use a consolidated nutrient density guide from Dr. Fuhrman. It’s only a guide for the sake of brevity. This is my source. Basically, this formula scores food from 0-1000 by calculation of micronutrients/ calories. Here is the data on some of the vegetables we buy, grow, and eat:

Greens Food Density chart


As you can see, all greens (or vegetables) are not created equal. There is value in all vegetables, but the dark, green leafy ones are the most nutritious and THAT makes them the most glamorous! They hold the most power-packed nutrients per serving. So we contend that greens are the new “In Thing” for our family. Here’s another reason. Green vegetables are almost always in a juice-form to detox; preventively and reactively. Greens provide alkalinity where cancer survives in an acidic environment.

For our large family, we throw in some potatoes because they help fill up the tummies..and sweeten the bitter greens.  The potatoes are the secret. Not only does it help for filler, but it makes it all taste better.  We have more recipes in our book which funds our  nonprofit efforts with foster kids!

Possible Green Ingredients (Vary each week):







Oregano (I have so much we use it as a vegetable!)



A few potatoes

Super Simple Directions on How to Cook Greens

  • 2 Sweet Potatoes or other potatoes, chopped
  • 3 Tbsp of Fat (Beef Tallow, Red Palm, Coconut Oil, Ghee)
  • 1 Tbsp total seasonings of choice (Tumeric, Paprika, Garlic, Oregano, Thyme)
  • 4-6 Bunches of Greens Chopped (Spinach, Bok Choy, Kale)

Heat potatoes and fat in a very large skillet. We sometimes use Coconut Oil, or Red Palm Oil, Butter, Ghee. Simply cut the potatoes and sauté in the fat until a fork passes gently through the potato (around 5 -10 minutes). Chop all the green vegetables (and herbs) while potatoes are cooking. Now add the vegetables and sauté for a few minutes.

Sprinkle with salt and this pepper, for added benefit. Serve and enjoy!

Inspired to grow some? Check out your local farmer’s market for seedlings and organically minded veggies. This will help your local community and your body. We like to read The Homestead Garden for tips on how to grow greens.

Keep your food real and add seasoning! You will see improvement!

What do you think? Do you eat enough green vegetables?greens



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2 thoughts on “Glamorous Greens! plus a Secret

  1. Yes, greens are amazing in nutrients!! And sauteed as described here in coconut oil makes such a delicious difference!! You can eat more greens by adding to smoothies also and a recent discovery of mine is an amazing root to eat with vegis , malanga! Is sweeter than white potato , don’t know if it will sautee well, makes a great addition to soups though , which is also another way to incorporate more greens into the diet!! Thanks Mandy , great info!!!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I have not heard of malanga, we will check this out. Great tips, as usual!

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