Drink Kid Healthy Bubbly Soda

Want a healthy drink that inspires kids and adults?

This bubbly drink is fast and fun! Anyone can make it and it has healthy stuff in it; now we can party!

Healthy Kid Bubbly Drink

Unfortunately, we drink too much sugar in our culture. Many find it hard to drink water and it is clearly the best choice for daily imbibes. There are ways to dress up water, but today let’s discuss a fun option for special occasions. We enjoy this in our home to celebrate good behavior, good grades, and special guests. Other amazingly easy and delicious recipes are found in our cookbook, “Real Food Recovery” published on September 18, 2016.

Time goes so fast and it has been a while since I’ve shared our fun! Let me tell you what has been going on: starting a nonprofit company, getting a new name for the website, meeting and teaching some local foster home folks, school, raising four kids, and finally having the courage to publish my crazy cookbook. Yahoo!

Today let’s talk about this bubbly that inspires a lot of kids; we use it to jumpstart health. The kids we work with generally tell us they don’t like healthy foods or drinks. Somehow it’s wonderful, because it pushes our creativity to find beautiful ways to get delicious.

Bubbly Fruit Drink

Heading out to a recommended local coffee shop on the beach we discover that it is also an authentic patisserie and the owner is from France. We always look for healthy options, and this yummy Orangina drink brightened the menu, but had simple syrup. Replacing the sweetener with some raw honey and including the fruit beverages we have on hand gives us a fantastic bubbly.

  • 1 cup Orange Juice (We have Matt’s Organic Turmeric and Probiotics)
  • 1 cup frozen fruit (mango, passion fruit, blackberry, pomegranate, etc…)
  • 1 Tbsp Raw Honey
  • 1 cup Ice

Blend the above ingredients together until mixed well. I love the Blendtech blender.

  • 2 cups bubbly Mineral Water

While blending the noted ingredients, gather 4 glasses and fill each glass half full with ice. Then pour the glass half full with Sparkling Mineral Water. Add the fruit blend to fill each glass.

Super simple and delicious! Enjoy this fun beverage – and a healthier choice!

Healthy Kid Bubbly Drink

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