Healthy Snack – Hedgehogs in the Snow Dessert!

Here’s a healthy snack that is fun and has personality.

We are invited to a friend’s birthday party!  The children are excited because this is a friend who prepares nutrient dense foods.  They try their best to eat healthy like us, but this mom has a talent for decorating.  So with great anticipation, we discuss what we think the birthday cake will look like this time!  Will it be a train? A giant Lego? Animals?

Healthy snacks, hedgehogs

After dinner, we await the healthy snack, to discover it’s not just a cake…it’s a scene.  A cake with a story!  Hedgehogs in the snow.  Everyone squeals, claps, and cheers in delight. Here is the simple recipe from my friend, Svetlana. Decorating the food is very common in Russia, so I’m enjoying learning from my friend! She usually makes her treats with seeds, dried fruit, and nuts. With this combination, all the sugar is natural from whole foods.

We take this recipe and provide the same joy to a sweet girl in a children’s home who loves hedgehogs! Somehow making a story and a fun shape allows the children to be more willing to try a natural, healthy food. Otherwise, they might not taste. Here is the recipe for hedgehogs, but feel free to make any shape that would encourage your child.

Ingredients for a healthy snack

1 c raw almonds, walnuts [soaked]

1 c pitted dates

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 c raw almond butter

1/4 c shredded coconut

Use a really good blender or food processor and grind the almonds or walnuts until very fine.  Add the dates, spices and nut butter until mixed well. This can be stored in a container for up to a week in the refrigerator.


Raisin eyes

shredded coconut snow

sunflower seeds  [soaked] quills

poppy seeds [soaked] fur coat

Next roll and form balls and shape into hedgehogs or your imagination.  Use raisins for eyes and nose.  Use poppy seeds to roll on the fur and stick sunflower seeds in for quills. Now flatten into a cake mold, or in this case, a mountain with steps. Spread the snow, oops, I mean shredded coconut around the plate.  Stick mint leaves or lavender into the cake for shrubbery.

Enjoy this wonderful boost of energy and healthy snack.  As a Mom, this is a guilt-less birthday party cake.  No awkward moments of wondering how to avoid the cake and still let your child participate.

Tip: If you are pregnant, these seeds are chock full of nutrients that help keep those hormones balanced. This recipe lasts until your imagination runs out!

Here are some other fun foods: I love Caterpillar and Mr. Potato Head

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Snack – Hedgehogs in the Snow Dessert!

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  2. I love these! I am in the process of making a big snow hedgehog (Victorian Christmas Apple Recipe) and was looking for something to make for the babies and was thinking of my raw butter, date and coconut truffle recipe, which is similar to yours. When I get it posted, I will put a link back to your variation because I love the ingredients and the presentation! The use of the poppy seeds is inspired.

    All the best from Normandie,


    1. That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to see your version, Sue!

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